This is a list of minor Andalites from the Animorphs series.


Ajaht-Litsom-Esth is mentioned briefly in book #38, The Arrival. Brother of Estrid-Corill-Darrath and it is revealed that he taught her to tail fight. He is the "highest scoring exhibition tail fighter on the Andalite planet", according to Ax.


Template:InfoboxTemplate:Main other Alloran-Semitur-Corrass is a fictional character in the Animorphs series by K. A. Applegate. He is the host body of Visser Three, a high-ranking Yeerk and the primary antagonist of the series.

Character historyEdit

Prior to his infestation by Esplin 9466, Alloran-Semitur-Corrass was a well-respected Andalite War Prince until his actions in the battle between the Andalites and the Yeerks on the Hork-Bajir world permanently disgraced him. At the end of the battle, after realizing that the Andalite forces had failed to protect the Hork-Bajir, he ordered the release of the Quantum Virus, a space-time disease that breaks down the affected organism's individual cells, in order to deprive the Yeerk invaders of powerful Hork-Bajir hosts. This action decimated the planet's Hork-Bajir population. Alloran was court-martialed discreetly by the Andalite military authorities, and was a War Prince in name only afterwards.

As the war against the Yeerks dragged on, Alloran was assigned to the Dome ship StarSword, in pursuit of a Yeerk task force in the uncharted Graysha Nebula. The StarSword captain, Feyorn, ordered Alloran to take command of two arisths, Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul and Arbron, and take two humans, Loren and Hedrick Chapman, back to Earth following their rescue from the Skrit Na. However, during the trip through Zero space, Arbron discovered the existence of the Time Matrix in a Skrit Na computer file. Alloran diverted from his mission with the two arisths and the two humans in his ship, the Jahar (named after his wife), to the Taxxon home world in order to obtain the Time Matrix. Alloran ordered Arbron and Elfangor to board a Yeerk transport ship in order to infiltrate the Yeerk base on the Taxxon world. They discover tens of thousands of slugs awaiting Taxxon hosts in the cargo hold of the transport; Alloran planned to flush them out into space, but Elfangor objected on moral grounds as the Yeerks are in their helpless bodies. Alloran, now contemptuous of the young warrior, decides to retrieve the Time Matrix and then flush the Yeerks out when they leave the system. Elfangor frustrated his plans again, and knocked Alloran out. Elfangor, occupied by the events around him, was unaware that Alloran had been infested by Esplin 9466, who rose to the rank of Visser Thirty-Two immediately afterwards. Elfangor realized it too late, and wasted his opportunities to free or finish Alloran. Elfangor later blames himself for Alloran's infestation, which caused Alloran to become the Yeerks' first Andalite host body.

Esplin, by exploiting Alloran's knowledge of Andalite tactics and weapons technology- although his lack of a scientific background means that he cannot provide morphing technology or computer software to the Yeerks- and unique Andalite abilities, eventually becomes Visser Three, in command of the invasion of Earth. Despite it being more than twenty years since he has been infested, Alloran retains hope that one day he will be free. Even he is shaken by the horrors that he saw and was forced to commit while under Esplin's control, though Alloran is a war criminal in his own right. When Alloran's body is poisoned by Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill in rattlesnake morph, forcing Esplin to temporarily flee his host, Alloran begs Aximili to assist him in suicide, as he is too weak from the rattlesnake venom to do so himself. Even though Ax refuses to do so, and leaves Alloran to be re-infested by Espelin, he asks Aximili to tell his family that he still loves them, and also urges the young Andalite to keep fighting.

Eventually, Alloran is freed in the final Animorphs book, and Esplin is imprisoned. What happened to Alloran is unknown, although it is assumed he returned to the Andalite home world. He reached near taboo status during his infestation, and every Andalite came to know Esplin/Alloran as 'The Abomination'.

Alloran has a wife, two children, and a brother, Arbat-Elivat-Estoni.

Alloran-Semitur-Corrass's morphsEdit

(Some of these have only been seen during his time as Visser Three's host body.)


Aloth was an unscrupulous sniper who was sent to a military prison for organ theft on the battlefield; Ax suspects he may even have killed his own comrades in order to steal their organs. He was taken out of prison assigned to the Unit O mission on Earth in book #38. Aloth was shot dead by Arbat-Elivat-Estoni during one of the infiltration attempts. Aloth was the sniper assigned to the suicide mission and as such Arbat may have shot him deliberately to stop him from killing Visser Three before Arbat could release the virus. Aloth mentions having a brother and having trained under Elfangor.


A fanatical Andalite, Arbat is an Intelligence Advisor and Estrid's teacher. He was the real mastermind of the germ warfare project to destroy both the Yeerks and humans. Part of his plan was to destroy his companions, since Unit O was the instrument of a black ops mission. However, Estrid-Corill-Darrath shot his hand off and he was left to die at the Yeerk pool as Taxxons advanced on him while he was in human morph. He is the brother of Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, the host of Visser Three, (and his actions echo that of Alloran's, in the release of a virus on the Yeerks which would have detrimental effects on their hosts). While on Earth, Arbat acquired and morphed a male human, but his inexperience with having only two eyes gave his morph away to the Animorphs.


Template:InfoboxTemplate:Main other Arbron is a fictional character in the Animorphs series by K. A. Applegate.

He was an Andalite aristh, a cadet, who was never serious and was always competitive with Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, who back then was an aristh as well.

One day they were both summoned to the battle bridge of a Dome ship known as the StarSword, and was soon dispatched into a possible battle against the Skrit Na, under the supervision of War Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass.

Originally they were sent to capture the Skrit Na ship and to return two humans, Loren and Hedrick Chapman, who were kidnapped by the Skrit Na, back to Earth.

However, he discovered the Time Matrix, the most powerful weapon imaginable, in another Skrit Na ship. They then headed to the Taxxon home world in pursuit of the ship.

Arbron acquired a Taxxon morph in disguise. He bypassed the two-hour limit of morphing and became a nothlit, a morpher trapped in a morph body. He managed to escape from his Yeerk pursuers and joined the Taxxon resistance, Taxxons who wanted to fight the Yeerks because they had been denied the morphing technology when the Yeerks obtained it. Arbron became an important ally to the Animorphs during their final battle against the Yeerks. He led the Taxxon army of 1,709 non-Controllers, sacrificing many in the battle, in order to sustain peace on Earth. Some time after the Yeerks' defeat, Arbron was killed by poachers in the Amazon, who were incarcerated for their crime. Because he was a nothlit, he was, unlike the other Taxxons, unable to acquire morphing ability and become a snake. What remained of his Taxxon body was transported to the Andalite home world for a quiet funeral.


Captain-Prince of the Dome Ship Elfangor, the first ship to arrive at Earth after the Yeerks' defeat. Initially challenged the Animorphs, but relented when he realised that the entire Andalite populace was aware of his actions.


Son of Seerow, brother of Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan. Barafin became reclusive when he was sent to the Hork-Bajir world with the rest of his family, spending most of his days playing video games. He was murdered along with his mother and father during the Yeerk's first assault on the Hork-Bajir planet.


A Prince, Breeyar commands of the Andalite fighter contingent stationed on the StarSword. Prince Breeyar is not as cold nor as arrogant as other Andalite Princes.


A fighter pilot on board the Intrepid.


A Prince under the command of Captain-Prince Asculan on the Dome Ship Elfangor.


The ship's physician aboard the Andalite assault cruiser Ascalin, he was fascinated by the strange biological make-up of the other five Animorphs.


The inventor of the morphing technology.


Estrid is an expert in the fictional "plintconarhythmic physics", an area of study in biochemical engineering. She designs a virus that could end the Yeerk invasion of Earth, but also kill many humans as it has a risk of mutating. After coming to Earth with several other Andalites, she meets Ax and they have a brief fling, even sharing a kiss to experiment with human mouths; she also demonstrates a fascination with jelly beans similar to Ax's fondness for cinnamon buns while in human morph, requiring Ax and Tobias to rescue her. However, he rejects her because of her project, and the Animorphs stop her from putting it into effect. In a later book, however, Ax's narration appears to express a desire to reconcile with Estrid. While on Earth, Estrid morphed into a crow, a rabbit, and a female teenage human (Acquired from a single person, as a young man identified her as his sister when Ax and Tobias tried to get her out of the mall). She also has a kafit bird morph from the Andalite world. Estrid is an estreen, and is capable of morphing in a few seconds and ending up with a full set of clothing.

The teenage girl that Estrid obtained her human morph from has long and wavy red hair, deep blue eyes, and "cinnamon-colored" freckles.


Captain Feyorn is the captain of the space ship StarSword.


The Ellimist's Child. Leader of the Andalite tribe after Tree's death. The first surviving child.


Elfangor and Ax's mother, Tobias' paternal grandmother. Married to Noorlin-Sirinial-Cooraf.


An Andalite trapped on Earth after the battle with the Blade Ship. He is an esteemed and highly regarded fighter among Andalite warriors. He and his friend, Mertil-Iscar-Elmand, became trapped on Earth and forced to hide. Although Gafinilan grew to morph a human and become a homeowner, he was inflicted with a fatal illness called Soola's Disease. Aware of the situation, he grew plants in his Greenhouse to prolong his time to live so he could continue to care for his injured friend Mertil. After Mertil was captured, Gafinilan made a bargain with Visser Three to trade a healthy Andalite warrior for him, and sought to do so after encountering the Animorphs (during which time Gafinilan morphed an opossum and an owl to spy on the Animorphs). When he learned that there was no Andalite for him to trade, he divulged the situation and agreed to aid them on the rescue of Mertil on the condition that they be left alone afterwards. He presumably died by the end of the series, but as he was never heard of again, this remains in doubt. Gafinilan is described as having an impressive warrior's physique, with his torso looking like a carpenter's, and a horse body resembling a very large Clydesdale.


The Force Commander charged with overseeing all aspects of the Andalite defense of Leera. Ax decides that he is the only Andalite that they can fully trust, his hatred for the Yeerks coming from their murder of his wife and three children during a Yeerk raid of an Andalite outpost. Knowing that the Andalites had little chance of winning the land battle against the Yeerks, Galuit had his spies set a trap for the Yeerks, planting quantum bombs around the continent, with the central arming unit located inside an underground "Bright Hole", hoping the bombs would wipe out the Yeerk army as soon as it was stationed on the continent. Failure to arm the main switch, and the lack of the expected support from the traitor Samilin's ship Ascalin meant the Animorphs that had not "snapped back" to their mass on Earth were forced to travel to the bright hole and manually arm the bombs, which Ax barely managed to do before returning to Earth.


The commander of Unit O, but is merely a figurehead, as Arbat is the true leader. He has expert pilot skills and was mainly used to simply pilot the ship. He served time in prison briefly for cowardice on the battlefield. Towards the end of the mission, Tobias convinces him to destroy McDonalds, so the ship could move into the Yeerk pool to support the Animorphs.


The Ellimist's Child. One of the 2 surviving children.


T.O. Harelin (introduced as "Hareli", without the N) was Captain Samilin's tactical officer on board the Ascalin. He was a classic example of a haughty Andalite warrior, with the typical Andalite racial prejudices and arrogance- informing Ax that Andalites fought better when they fought alone, citing the difficulties in coordinating with the Leerans as an example-, and a tendency to underestimate others. During the Ascalin's descent behind Yeerk lines on Leera, the traitor Samilin cut off Harelin's tail, leaving him unable to tail-fight, and proceeded to kill the bridge crew of the ship with a shredder. Ax knocked the shredder out of Samilin's hand and went tail-to-tail with him, giving Harelin the opportunity to vaporize the captain with the dropped shredder. Harelin then took back his statements about different species not working well together, telling Ax to prove his prejudices wrong, and gave the Animorphs enough time to escape the doomed Ascalin before he overloaded its weapons, causing it to self-destruct, killing all those aboard as well as destroying a portion of the Yeerk force on Leera. Because of his name, he might be related to Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, although it's never stated on the books.


Assistant to the head of Interplanetary Communications. The first Andalite that Ax communicated with after becoming stranded on Earth.


Prince in charge of the Andalite military. Secretly communicates with Ax after the Animorphs contact the Andalites for help in #45: The Revelation, and instructs Ax to betray the Animorphs.


The wife of Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, Ax's last communication with the homeworld was to pass on a message to Jahar from the briefly freed Alloran to tell her that he still thought about her and awaited the day when he could be reunited with her. Alloran named his ship after her.


An Andalite Ax contacts in The Alien, who is described as being "head of the Council" and a legendary veteran. What "Council" he heads is unknown---possibly the Andalite high command---but he seems to be one of, if not the most, senior Andalite in government, instructing Ax to claim that he was the one who gave the Animorphs the power to morph in order to protect Elfangor's reputation. He states that he was an advisor to the Hork-Bajir at one point.


Ax's second-in-command (the First Officer) on the Intrepid. He was the only survivor when the Intrepid was attacked. After it was attacked, he withdrew from the ship, leaving Ax behind, and suffered from extreme guilt. After telling the story to Jake, he morphed into human form and became a nothlit. Afterwards, he joined with Jake and the rest of the team in order to find Ax, as he knew the location where Ax had gone missing.


An Andalite that has been living in hiding on Earth for some time with his friend, Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad. He is a vecol, which is the Andalite name for someone who is crippled. Mertil's tail was cut off as he and Gafinilan crash-landed on Earth and he is unable to morph to fix it, as he is allergic to the morphing technology. He was captured by the Yeerks but is useless due to his lack of tail blade and inability to morph. He was rescued by Gafinilan, Ax, and the Animorphs. It is never mentioned what happened to him at the end of the series, although in his last appearance in the novel he was visited by Marco who offered to drop in and visit him when he could.


Captain of the Dome Ship GalaxyTree. He along with hundreds of soldiers were killed when "GalaxyTree" was destroyed by the Blade Ship over earth. Ax nicknames him 'Old Hoof and Tail' (Whether this was a general nickname or just something Ax called him was never revealed).


Prince Nescord is the Tactical Officer (T.O.) on the StarSword.


Father of Elfangor and Ax, paternal grandfather of Tobias. Married to Forlay-Esgarrouth-Maheen. Ax and he briefly spoke when Ax was able to establish communication with the homeworld, Ax revealing Elfangor's death to his father and reaffirming his vow to avenge his brother's demise


Officer on the Dome Ship Elfangor.


An official legal observer at the trial of Visser One (the former Visser Three).


He was the traitorous commander of the Andalite assault cruiser Ascalin, bringing surface assault craft to aid the Andalite side in the war against the Yeerks for control of the planet Leera (The lack of places to conceal a Kandrona on the ship meant that it was impossible for him to be a Controller as his Yeerk would have starved). His ship's Z-space wake disrupted the Animorphs' extruded morph mass and pulled their consciousnesses into Z-space with the bodies. Ax managed to contact the Ascalin and Samilin picked up the Animorphs. Upon reaching Leera, the Ascalin's helm officer lost all control and the ship maneuvered behind Yeerk lines. Samilin cut off his Tactical Officer's tail and killed the bridge crew, revealing that he had been working for the Yeerks. He was about to reveal the Animorphs' identities when they managed to stop him; Hareli, the T.O., destroyed him and, after giving the Animorphs time to escape to a safe distance, exploded the ship, killing all aboard but destroying a great many Yeerk forces on the ground.


A warrior based from the StarSword.


Seerow was in command of the very first expedition to the Yeerk home world. He pitied the Yeerks, who, while highly intelligent, were forced to use Gedds as their hosts. Furthermore, the natural resources of their planet were highly lacking. For all their intelligence, the Yeerks lived a very primitive existence.

Seerow took pity on them and taught them how to utilize Andalite technology. The Yeerks betrayed his trust and stole a couple of Andalite fighters. This allowed the Yeerks to expand their presence into the universe. Thus, Seerow gained the blame of the entire Andalite race for the Yeerk menace. His name eventually became a curse word and an insult, and the law of Seerow's Kindness, which dictates the Andalites are never to share their technology with aliens, becomes a mainstay in the Andalite culture (Elfangor broke this law by giving the morphing technology to the Animorphs, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill also broke the law explaining to the Animorphs about the law (book 8, The Alien) and turning the radio telescope into a Z-Space transmitter which he later deleted (book 8, The Alien)).

After this, Seerow was sent from planet to planet in disgrace, constantly clinging to his belief that the majority of the Yeerks- those who had remained on the planet- were innocent, apparently attempting to ignore the fact that other Yeerks couldn't leave their homeworld due to the Andalite ships in orbit. He was eventually ordered to a distant world inhabited by a primitive race of aliens known as the Hork-Bajir. Although the mission's official purpose was for him to study botany, it was obvious, even to him, that its true purpose was to keep him out of the way. It was on this planet that Seerow was later incinerated by Yeerks using captured Andalite fighters, along with his wife and son. His daughter, Aldrea, survived and became a guerrilla fighter against the Yeerks, and later became a Hork-Bajir nothlit. Aldrea named her Hork-Bajir child Seerow Hamee in his honor; Seerow in turn was the father of Jara Hamee, whose daughter, Toby Hamee, would thus be the Andalite Seerow's great-great-granddaughter.


The Ellimist's child. Died of sickness, monsters, or famine.


A warrior during the battle for the Hork-Bajir world, and later, Elfangor's fighting instructor. He has a large scar underneath his left (main) eye from his own combat instructor.


The Ellimist's first child. Died of sickness


The Ellimist's Andalite wife (and second wife overall) in the book The Ellimist Chronicles. The Ellimist was surprised when she wanted to have another child after the death of their first, Star; she explained that by having numerous children they would assure at least a few of them survived, a philosophy which would later affect his strategy against Crayak.


A pilot on board the Intrepid.


The Ellimist's child. Died of sickness, monsters, or a famine.