These are minor characters who appear briefly throughout the Animorphs book series who are not humans, Andalites, Yeerks, or Hork-Bajir.

Alternamorphs books onlyEdit

  • The First Journey (order of appearance)
    • Hamlet, your sister's hamster
    • Gingerbread, Ms. Humphries' cat
    • Princie and Gale, two German Shepherd police dogs that only appear in The First Journey. You, the reader/narrator, acquire Princie's DNA, but it only serves you well the first time you choose to use this morph. The second and third times you're presented with the opportunity to morph Princie, this choice leads to your death or capture.
  • The Next Passage
    • ??

Ant-Cassie (deceased)Edit

An ant that acquired the ability to morph, and absorbed Cassie's DNA. Once it returned to ant form, Cassie squished it.

Big JimEdit

A silverback gorilla living at the Gardens. Also Marco's first morph.

Buffa-human (deceased)Edit

Buffa-human is an African Cape Buffalo (AKA the Widow Maker) who accidentally acquires the power to morph, and absorbs Chapman's DNA and Visser Three's DNA. Cassie was convinced that the buffalo was learning, since it was mimicking human speech. Much to Cassie's dismay, the 'Buffa-human' was shot and killed by dracon beam fired by a Hork Bajir controller.


Buster was a Pit bull (type not specified) with rabies that bit Marco in book 42. Marco referred to him as "Cujo" before discovering his name. Marco is forced to morph in order to hide from Buster's owner, and in the process destroys the virus that might otherwise have killed him.


Loren's pet German Shepherd guide dog. Tobias morphed Champ to get closer to his mother in The Diversion.


Tobias's pet cat, a black and grey-striped tabby. Dude was Tobias' first morph, and it is not certain what happened to him after Tobias became a nothlit.


A male poodle belonging to Marco's stepmother, Nora Robbinette. He is very hyperactive and "attacks" Marco unprovoked. Presumably stayes with Nora to keep her cover after she was infested.


A parasitic sponge that absorbed the minds of thousands of other aliens of various species, Father kept their dead bodies alive by supplying nutrients through his tentacles which were woven into the body of all the beings that were part of his consciousness. Father was so large that his power stretched across an entire moon. He absorbed the last of the remaining Ketrans, but Ellimist was the first being Father absorbed who was still alive, Father kept Ellimist for company for many years, playing rigged games with him and allowing him to communicate with the deceased Ketrans. Ellimist eventually began to defeat Father in the games (his first victory over Father was music), until he consumed all of Father's knowledge and left him as a husk. When Ellimist absorbed Father he found that the sponge had no sentience of its own, only that which was borrowed from its victims, which explained why Father was incapable of innovation.

Fluffer McKittyEdit

Melissa Chapman's black and white cat, who Rachel acquires and morphs in book 2, The Visitor to get inside Chapman's house.


An Iskoort who serves as a guide to the Animorphs while they are on the Iskoort planet. Guide became insanely rich after the Animorphs decided to sell him their memories and a good deal of Rachel's hair. He attempted to purchase the last 18 inches of Ax's tail, only for Marco to threaten that he might receive its blade. His full name is Guide, Grub of Skin-Seller, Brother of Memory-Wholesaler.


Jake's pet golden retriever. Also Jake's first morph. Appeared through multiple books in usually comedic scenes. Can be assumed that he continued to live with Jakes' parents after the war, as Jake stated that he had lived with them.


Jenny is a Chee who plays the part of one of Erek's friends. She first appears in book 10.


Lourdes is a Chee who poses as a homeless woman in the Animorphs timeline. Erek says that she was a glamorous movie star in her previous life. She was rescued by the Animorphs when the Drode interferes with their programming, causing their holograms to shut down. She later aids Cassie's return from Australia.


Maria is the (current during when the series takes place) human name of a Chee named Chee-lonos. Her first appearance is in The Android in the underground Chee/dog park. When her hologram is on, she appears as an old woman, about eighty years old.

Mr. KingEdit

Erek King's 'father', Mr. King is a Chee android.

Naca (deceased)Edit

The Animorphs' Nartec tour guide. He and two others try to taxidermy the Animorphs (minus Tobias). Tobias intervenes, and kills two of those Nartecs, including Naca, but the third escapes and gets reinforcements.

The One Edit

The One was encountered by the Animorphs in the final book, The Beginning. It is believed by some fans that The One was first shown at the end of The Familiar as the entity who put Jake in the fake future, because both have an interest in Jake. The One somehow came into contact with several Yeerks who had been on the run from the Andalites, and The One promised them great power as long as the Yeerks worshipped it. To this end, it effectively turned them into a cult dedicated to worshipping The One. The One seemed to have the power to absorb or assimilate other beings, which is what it did to Ax. At the end of the book, a ship belonging to The One was possibly destroyed when Jake gave the order to ram his ship into The One's Blade Ship. It is not known what happened after that as the Animorph series ends with Jake giving that order.

It is theorized that The One is the entity that expelled Crayak from his galaxy millennia ago, and that The One is the single power greater than the Ellimist and Crayak, or that The One is another pawn of Crayak chosen to succeed the Yeerks in his "game" with the Ellimist.Template:Citation needed

In a joke, the One appears to be a reference to the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation mainly because The One had the power to assimilate other beings, just like the Borg did. Also, in one of the Star Trek Episodes, Descent, Part II, one of the characters is called The One (Lore) and is worshipped because of a promise of great power.

Price-Cut Polly (deceased) Edit

A red-tailed hawk Tobias freed from a car dealership in #3: The Encounter. Tobias feared that his feelings toward her were destroying the bit of human left in him. She is killed by Dracon beam when the Yeerks believed she was a morph.

Quatzhinnikon (deceased)Edit

The leader of the Arn during the battle for the Hork-Bajir world. He revealed to Dak Hamee and Aldrea that the Arn were responsible for the creation of the Hork-Bajir. Though unwillingly, he aided the Hork-Bajir in the battle against the Yeerks. However, he later gave up, informing them of the Arn's modification of their brain stems to prevent infestation. He was presumably killed by the Yeerks, along with almost every other Arn.

Quafijinivon (deceased)Edit

Quafijinivon is the last of the Arn. He also knew Aldrea and Dak Hamee. Years ago, Quafijinivon collected an Ixcila from both of them, though Dak's was destroyed. After stealing a Yeerk ship, he found the Hork-Bajir valley and asked to be allowed to collect DNA to raise a Hork-Bajir army on the home world. In the process, he transferred Aldrea's Ixcila to Cassie, allowing her to lead them to a cache of stolen weapons. His motives are unknown, as Arn are known for using the Hork-Bajir, but he has nothing to gain—possibly he merely hoped for the eventual defeat of the Yeerks or the survival of the Arn's Hork-Bajir creations. An incredibly old Arn, Quafijinivon was scheduled to die approximately 400 days after his arrival on Earth—"give or take a few hours, that is a biological fact", as he himself said.

Queen SocoEdit

Queen Soco of the Nartec, a sea-dwelling race, planned to use Visser Three's Sea Blade to launch an attack on the surface, but the Sea Blade is destroyed by the Nartec after the Animorphs hijack it. After the Animorphs leave the underwater city, the fate of Queen Soco and the Nartec is unknown. They are presumed dead from excessive mutation. She is fluent in several surface dweller languages.

  • Naca is the Animorphs' strong "tour guide" of the Nartec city, but he later lures them into a trap that leads to their (temporary) capture.


Tjala is Yami's dog. Cassie describes him as "a sturdy little dog, not more than a half-grown pup, with dark spckles all over his coat and sharp ears."Tjala saves cassie's life by helping fight the Hork-Bajir,Although Tjala's owners also help.


"Wuss" is a male Helmacron who serves as a teacher for Cassie and Marco when they are captured by the Helmacron ship. His nickname is derived from their first conversation; Cassie asks for a name, but the Helmacron does not know how to answer (implying that Helmacrons, or at least the oppressed male Helmacrons, don't have names), so Marco starts calling him a wuss. He shows them that the Helmacrons have killed all high-ranking officers because they cannot trust them. The logic in that is that a captain (or anyone else in a high-ranking position) would inevitably make several mistakes, and since they cannot allow that, all Helmacrons have to be dead before they can rise to a position of power.