This is a list of minor Hork-Bajir from the Animorphs series.


Bek is a Hork-Bajir child of the free Hork-Bajir movement living in the Ellimist's valley. He was captured by the Yeerks, who hoped to lure the free Hork-Bajir and the Animorphs into their new forest facility. The Animorphs found him at a "crappy roadside zoo" (Frank's Safari Land and Putt-Putt Golf), and proceeded to break in and free him, although the arrival of Visser Three meant that they were forced to later break into a Yeerk facility to recover him.

Bek is three feet tall at the time book 23 takes place, only a few months old. His blades are already sharp, possibly sharper than adult Hork-Bajir blades, but they are smaller and not as rigid as an adult's. His tail is still a stub, and his forehead blades are only bumps.

Dak HameeEdit

Template:InfoboxTemplate:Main other Dak Hamee is the Hork-Bajir seer (far more intelligent than his peers) who helped Aldrea-Iskilion-Falan in the Andalite-Yeerk war. They eventually became lovers and married. Their son was named Seerow in honor of Aldrea's father.

Delf HajoolEdit

A member of Aldrea and Dak's Hork-Bajir rebellion. She married Jagil Hullan and was acquired by Aldrea as a Hork-Bajir form.

Fal TagutEdit

A free Hork-Bajir who fought with Tobias while he was infested. He has a long scar on his face from Tobias attacking him, leaving him blind in one eye, but does not hold it personally against him because Fal now has freedom (ironically due, in part, to Tobias).

Fet MasharEdit

Esplin 9466 Prime's second Hork-Bajir host.

Gah FillatEdit

Esplin 9466 Prime's third Hork-Bajir host. He saved the lives of Dak and Aldrea by helping them fight after he was left uninfested when Esplin tried to take control of Aldrea, but soon after became the first Hork-Bajir to die from the effects of the Andalite quantum virus.

Hahn TunadEdit

A free Hork-Bajir and Jara Hamee's best friend. Died in book #36 as a result of mutations forced upon him when Visser Three was trying to recreate Hork-Bajir for underwater use, despite Cassie's best efforts to save him. He was one of 49 other Hork-Bajir whom the Yeerks experimented on; their Yeerks abandoned them, they died, and Toby Hamee and her team rescued Hahn.

Had KalpakEdit

A male Hork-Bajir on the Hork-Bajir homeworld during the time of the Yeerks' invasion of that planet. He was the first to notice the space battles going on when the Andalite fleet first showed up in the Hork-Bajir planet's atmosphere, at night.

Jagil HullanEdit

Dak Hamee's best friend, and a member of the Hork-Bajir rebellion. Because he was not a seer like Dak, the two often had trouble understanding each other. He became known as a "Great Yeerk killer," which upset Dak, knowing that before the war, Jagil had been very peaceful. Married to Delf Hajool.

Jara HameeEdit

Template:InfoboxTemplate:Main other Jara Hamee is one of the first two Hork-Bajir in the free Hork-Bajir colony and is the husband of Ket Halpak, father of Toby Hamee, and grandson of Dak Hamee and Aldrea-Iskilion-Falan. Though Toby and Dak were both "Seers" (exceptionally intelligent Hork-Bajir), Jara is not. He dies in the series' last book, The Beginning. His name is a play on the phonetics of "Jeremy" (as briefly mentioned in his debut book, much to Jake's incredulity).

Cassie and Rachel also acquire his DNA as a Hork-Bajir morph at different times: Rachel in The Change, and Cassie in The Prophecy.

Ket HalpakEdit

Ket Halpak is one of the first two Hork-Bajir in the free Hork-Bajir colony. She is also the kalashi, or wife, of Jara Hamee and the mother of Toby Hamee. One of her ancestors was very likely Had Kalpak, likely a grandfather. Tobias acquires her as a morph in book 13, The Change.

Mab KahetEdit

A male Hork-Bajir elder before the Yeerk conquest.

Maska FettanEdit

In book 30, The Reunion, Visser One mistakes Rachel in a Jara Hamee morph for a Hork-Bajir named Maska Fettan. It is possible that Maska Fettan was a Hork-Bajir that Visser One was somewhat familiar with, but had not seen for sometime. She assumed that Maska had escaped from the Yeerks and was now living free with the free Hork-Bajir colony. (Which may very well be true.) She misidentified Rachel as Maska instead of Jara because of how similar they look.

Ponto FallahEdit

A Hork-Bajir elder before the Yeerk conquest.

Seerow HameeEdit

Seerow Hamee was the son of Dak Hamee and Aldrea and the father of Jara Hamee. He was captured by the Yeerks and died in captivity. He was named after Aldrea's father, Andalite Prince Seerow. He was not a seer like his father, though he apparently helped pass the gene on to his granddaughter Toby Hamee.

Toby HameeEdit

Template:InfoboxTemplate:Main other Toby Hamee is a fictional character in the Animorphs books by K. A. Applegate.

Toby Hamee is a Hork-Bajir seer, the daughter of Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak. She is the first free Hork-Bajir born in the free Hork-Bajir colony. She is named after Tobias, who helped Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak escape from Controllers into a hidden ravine which was going to be the birthplace of many free Hork-Bajir. Coincidentally, both she and her namesake are descended from Andalite nothlits. She has a younger brother.

She is a leader of the free Hork-Bajir. Assisted by her fellow Hork-Bajir, she raids the Yeerk installations from time to time, in order to liberate Hork-Bajir Controllers and starve the Yeerks inside their heads of Kandrona rays.

Toby is a Hork-Bajir "seer," which means she is far more intelligent than most of her species---while the average Hork-Bajir's mental limits are about that of a human child, rare genetic abnormalities like Toby can be as intelligent as humans or Andalites. The term "seer" means "clairvoyant" or "prophet", which ultimately means one who is able to see what others cannot. Due to this natural ability, other Hork-Bajir, including her parents, consider her to be the colony's leader and trust her to lead them to freedom. Toby matures very quickly after her birth, and reaches her adult height within 2 years of being introduced in the series; this is likely because, as The Hork-Bajir Chronicles implies, Hork-Bajir do not live as long as either humans or Andalites. As a result she is able to lead the Hork-Bajir in the final offensive against the Yeerks on Earth, where she helps the Animorphs in taking over the Pool ship.

Afterwards, she is appointed Governor of the Free Hork-Bajir Colony on Earth, and is given a non-voting membership in Congress on behalf of her people. At the end of #54, she is seen along with Cassie in the valley.

Tila FashatEdit

The female senior Hork-Bajir elder before the Yeerk conquest.

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