Living Asteroids are strange rock-based creature found in space of the Graysha Nebula. Like the Veleeks of one of Saturn's moons, they feed on energy and are attracted to spaceship engine exhaust. They also appear to be immune to laser fire, even from massive Andalite Dome Ships which are cabable of pucnhing craters into moons. This instead only makes them move faster toward their prey, in which they "eat" them by swallowing them whole. How they move by shooting strange exhaust from their body in the opposite direction they are going and move incredibly fast, and easily catch up to their prey no matter how fast their prey is moving. The only known way to get them to stop chashing you is to turn of your ships engines. The Living Asteroids will lose interest and either leave or go after something that spewing out energy. Elfangor encountered these creatures in The Andalite Chronicles.


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