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  • Jake: Put-upon leader of the Animorphs.
  • Marco: Jake's wisecracking best friend.
  • Rachel: Jake's cousin, a gung-ho action girl.
  • Cassie: Rachel's best friend; the Animorphs' animal-lover and environmentalist.
  • Tobias: Trapped in hawk morph; the Animorphs' surveillance expert.
  • Ax: An Andalite far away from his people; expert on alien technology.
  • Visser Three: Power-mad, villainous Yeerk; leader of the Earth invasion.
  • Erek King: Pacifistic android and the Animorphs' inside man.


  • Animorphs - Earth's last hope: a group of teenagers with the power to morph.
  • The Yeerk Empire - The race of alien parasites invading Earth.
  • Andalites - The one great force opposing the Yeerks.
  • Chee - Pacifistic dog-like androids who are allies to the Animorphs.
  • The Ellimist - A god-like being that occaisionally helps the Animorphs.
  • Crayak - An evil god-like being who opposes the Ellimist.
  • Yeerk Peace Movement — a group of controllers who believe in voluntary cooperation between Yeerks and Humans rather than slavery.

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The Andalites are an alien race of grazers. They are centaur-like creatures, with the lower body similar to a deer and a torso similar to a human. The males' entire body is covered in blue fur and the females' in bluish-purple fur, which becomes tan-coloured as they get older. Their arms, somewhat weak in comparison to that of a human's, end in seven-fingered hands, which while weaker, they are nimbler as well. The head of an Andalite has a set of almond-shaped eyes, as well as a pair of stalk-eyes that endow them with 360-degree vision. They have a nose-like organ which features three vertical slits. Their sense of sight is similar to that of a human's, though the stalk eyes can see a small ways more into the ultraviolet spectrum and the infrared spectrum. The other most notable feature of the face is the lack of a mouth. They eat by crushing grass under their hooves and absorbing the nutrients. They communicate by way of telepathic communication, called Thought-speak.


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