Melissa Chapman
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Pale Blonde

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Hedrick Chapman (father),
Mrs. Chapman (mother),
Fluffer McKitty (pet)



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The Visitor

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The Absolute (mentioned)


Terra Vanessa Kowalyk

"See, Melissa Chapman, Assistant Principal Chapman's daughter, is one of my closest friends. Or at least she used to be. The last few months, she'd been acting very strange toward me. Like she didn't care anymore."

Melissa Chapman is an old friend of Rachel and daughter of high-ranking Controller, Hedrick Chapman.


===Family===Melissa Chapman is the only daughter of Hedrick Chapman who is also a high ranking Controller. Chapman and Mrs. Chapman agreed to become voluntary Controllers in exchange for the Yeerks leaving Melissa alone.[1]

Rachel and Melissa were friends growing up and participated in gymnastics together.[2]

Melissa confesses to her cat, Fluffer McKitty (who was really Rachel in morph), that she thinks her parents don't really love her anymore. Rachel feels bad for her and, after seeing Chapman resist the Yeerk in his head briefly, writes Melissa a note telling her "Melissa, your father loves you more than you will ever know. And more than he can ever show you. Signed, someone who knows", and leaves it in her locker. Melissa's sad mood brightens a little after that.[3]

Melissa along with her family survived when Marco and Tobias decide to park a tank on top of their house.[4] It is unknown what happened to her after the end of the war.


  • Melissa Chapman was originally meant to be a throw away character. However, K.A. Applegate commented that she was surprise about how many fans continuously asked about Melissa's fate.
  • In an alternate timeline witnessed in Elfangor's Secret created by Visser Four's use of the Time Matrix to interfere in human history, Melissa replaced Rachel as a member of the Animorphs- Rachel having been sent to a 'correction camp' in a facist America-, but this timeline was rapidly undone when the Ellimist and Crayak restored the Animorphs' real memories and membership, reverting Melissa to her original place in the timeline.



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