"Don't be afraid of change, Equatorial. It's coming, whether you like it or not."-Menno's farewell advice to Toomin.

Menno was a power hungry Ketran, a revolutionary and Toomin's rival during the events of The Ellimist Chronicles.


Dance ByEdit

Toomin first me Menno along with his friend Oxagast at a Dance By between Polar Orbit High Crystal and Equatorial High Crystal. Both Menno and Oxagast were Polars, while Toomin and Aguella were Equatorials. After having a friendly chat, the conversation grew akward as Menno soon exclaimed that Polars would lead the way into an age of radical change that would change Ketran history for could. Toomin soon became uncomfortable, and left shocked and angered.


  • Menno is said to have larger wings than normal Ketrans.


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