Marco morphing the Silverback Gorilla.

"My friends — Jake, Rachel, Cassie, and Tobias — and I had the distinct misfortune to stumble upon a dying Andalite warrior prince who told us about the Yeerks and their invasion of our planet. He gave us the gift and curse of morphing, an Andalite technology that allows us to acquire the DNA of any animal and become — morph — that animal. This is our most spectacular weapon."

Morphing is the main weapon of the Animorphs. The morphing ability was invented by the Andalites in the mid-1960s.[1]


"As an Andalite, I have the power to morph. It's not something we're born with – it's a technology. But we invented it, and we are the only race in the galaxy that has it. Except for my human friends, that is. They can morph, too. But it's thanks to Andalite science. And thanks to the fact that my brother broke our own laws to give them this power."
Morphing is an advanced bio-technological process created by the Andalites, its power made transferable via a small, blue cube called the Escafil device. Morph-capable beings are capable of 'acquiring' the DNA of any animal, allowing them to physically 'morph' into that animal at will. [2]

Morphing technology is still recent, and very unpredictable. Any damage or injury sustained while in the morph will be healed, as the body is based purely on the DNA. Therefore, similar to injuries, things such as surgeries and implants will not affect the morph. Some, like the Animorphs have found success in integrating very small amounts of skintight clothing into morphs. Usually this would consist of things such as leotards or similarly tight clothes, and nothing like coats or even shoes.

How it WorksEdit

"Morphing technology allows a person to absorb the DNA of any creature he touches. It takes concentration and focus, because the biotechnology of morphing is triggered by thought commands."
Morphing uses cascading cellular regeneration, combined with a variant on Z-space technology, in order to make the transformation.[3]It typically takes about two minutes to morph, though, this varies depending on the user's focus. If one stays in morph longer than two hours, they become trapped in that morph, turning into a nothlit. A nothlit can never return to their original form. While in morph, one is still capable of thought-speak. One also has the drawback/advantage of being confronted with the morphed creature's mind and instincts. This proves very useful for using the body and functioning at its peak, but it also proves to be a struggle when you first enter the morph, and also whenever you go against the creature's instincts (eg: a cat hunting a mouse, a predator wanting to hunt, etc). Note that these two minutes for the morph will be counted as your morph time.


There are several other known quirks to morphing:

  • Estreen is a person naturally talented at morphing. This type of person can usually morph at an accelerated rate, control instincts better, and also control the normally chaotic process of morphing itself.[4]
  • Accidental Hybrid Morphing: Another morphing-related problem is caused by emotional stress, which disrupts the person's natural ability to concentrate during the morph and causes them to morph at least two animals at once, resulting in bizarre combinations of body parts that rarely flow together very well.
  • Frolis Maneuver: Particulary useful aspect of morphing in which one combines the DNA of several samples from the same species, to create a new being for a morph. This could be used, for example, to avoid having an exact duplicate of a human when in morph, should one be morphing a human.[5]

Z-Space and MorphingEdit

Then there is the issue of Z-space. When one morphs a being smaller than themselves, the extra mass is extruded into Z-space. In the rare event that a ship would pass by, they would be drawn into it and likely evaporated by the ship's force field. According to a recently documented occurrence, the being's consciousness is pulled back to the mass in Z-space, rather than staying with the morphed body as usual. It used to be thought that the mass would be unorganized, random blobs, but it is now known, or at least conjectured, that the mass is in fact fully formed and proportioned. Should the mass survive somehow, it is subject to a 'snap-back' effect called a Residual Flux-field, and causes the consciousness to return to the original body, with no time passing whatsoever. There is the issue of the nothlit, one trapped in morph by staying in morph for longer than two hours, as previously mentioned.


"To acquire is to absorb the DNA of a species. It is the first step in morphing that creature."
Finally, there is the effect during the acquiring process itself. In order to acquire a creature, one must make physical contact with the subject in question. The acquiring process demands concentration and a break in concentration will abort the process. During the process, when the animal is being 'acquired', it falls into a trance and becomes docile, similar to being tranquilized. This effect lasts for mere seconds after the acquiring is completed, so for it to be advantageous, it would have to be used quite carefully. Rarely, the acquiring process has no effect whatsoever, and the animal is not affected. This is very rare, however, and not usually an issue. There is no known limit as to how many morphs one can possess.

The DNA is stored inside the body within a naltron molecule sphere, supercooled to sub-zero temperatures, lying dormant until called upon for a morph. This stored DNA simply floats around in the blood system until called forth by the morphing technology.[6] The morpher's original DNA is stored in a similar fashion while in morph.[7]

Rules of MorphingEdit

"Morphing is a powerful weapon, but it has rules. 1) You can't change directly from one morph to another without first returning to your natural body. 2) You have to acquire DNA directly from an animal. You can't acquire it from another morph. 3) You can't stay in morph for more than two hours at a time, because if you do, you stay permanently. You become what the Andalites call a nothlit."
  • Rule 1: You cannot morph directly from one morph to another, you must return to your natural form first.
    • However, it is not impossible to do so, as a morph-capable individual suffering from a morphing allergy or stress can go from one morph to another. Additionally, talented morphers such as estreens are capable of doing so in dire circumstances, meaning that while the morphing technology doesn't easily allow for morphing from one form to another, it is possible in certain situations due to controllable talent or uncontrollable physical and/or psychological issues.
  • Rule 2: You cannot 'acquire' a morph directly from another person's morph or acquire a morph while you are in a morph.
  • Rule 3: There is a time limit equal to two Earth hours. If one stays in morph for more than two hours, they are stuck, becoming a nothlit.
    • However, if one acquires a creature that undergoes natural metamorphosis (ex. caterpillar), the natural morphing would reset the clock, allowing them to demorph.



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