Mountain Taxxons are Taxxons that don't serve the Yeerk Empire.


The Taxxon RebellionEdit

The Mountain Taxxons, led by The Living Hive, refused to serve the Yeerks. They began some guerrilla raids on the Yeerk Starport located on the Taxxon Homeworld. These raids, while troublesome, were futile against the Yeerks with their advanced technology and legions of Taxxon Loyalists. However they soon met Arbron, an Andalite trapped in a Taxxon morph, explained what he knew about the Yeerks and their technology, which until then, The Living Hive did not understand. Led by Arbron, the Taxxons tunneled near the the Starport, and launched the largest assault on the Starport. The raid caused a massive bloodbath for both sides, causing mass destruction to the Starport. The Mountain Taxxons were defeated again, and the Yeerks likely launched a counter attack on The Hive.

Prior to The AnswerEdit

The Mountain Taxxons fate during the events of most of the series is unknown, but it appears they kept a low profile, as many Taxxons were loyal to their Yeerk master for the sole reason of being fed. However after the Yeerk got a stolen Morphing Cube, many realized they could morph a creature, such as a large snake and live lives without constant hunger. Visser Three, now Visser One, realized that morph capable Taxxons no longer need the Yeerks and would likely turn on them, so no Taxxons were given morphing powers. This led to a return to the Mountain Taxxons.


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