(first name unknown) Chapman
Biographical information





Hedrick Chapman (spouse),
Melissa Chapman (daughter)


Barbershop/salon owner


Yeerk empire

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Visitor

Last appearance

The Absolute (mentioned)

Mrs. Chapman is the wife of Vice-Principal Hedrick Chapman, mother of Melissa Chapman and a high-ranking Controller.



Mrs. Chapman is married and has only one child, a daughter named Melissa Chapman. Melissa is in the same school year as the other Animorphs and is an old friend of Rachel's.

Andalite-Yeerk War on EarthEdit

Mrs. Chapman owns barbershop/salon[1] and her hubsand Chapman works as the Vice-Principal of the Animorphs' junior high school.[2] At an unknown point, the Chapmans were infested by Yeerks and made Controllers. Both agreed to this infestation voluntarily on the condition that their daughter not be harmed.[3]

Mrs. Chapman along with her family survived when Marco and Tobias decide to park a tank on top of their house.[4] It is unknown what happened to her after the end of the war.


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