Not my Problem is an episode of the TV show. It contains similar elements of the Megamorphs book, Back to Before, but since this episode was produced before the book was published any similarity is pure coincedence.

Official SummaryEdit

The weight of battling the Yeerk invasion is wearing on Jake and after a bad day, he wishes he'd never met Elfangor at all. But be careful what you wish for, it might come true. After a taste of "what if" from the Ellimist, Jake realizes that as hard as the fight is, it must go on.

Morphs usedEdit

(In the alternate universe, Tobias is the only one who recieved the morphing ability)

Tobias- Skink, Lion (alternate reality morphs)

TV Episodes
Season 1 My Name is Jake | Underground | On the Run | Between Friends | The Message | The Escape | The Alien | The Reaction | The Stranger | The Forgotten | The Capture | The Leader | Tobias | Not My Problem | The Release | Face Off Parts 1 and 2
Season 2 Face Off Part 3 | My Name is Erek | Changes | The Front

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