Ocean World is another wildlife park similar to The Gardens. It is a new facility that consists of several big fish tanks that are apartment building size. There is a plexiglas tunnel that goes through the water, so the fish are swimming above a visitor walking in the tunnel.  The Animorphs go there to acquire hammerhead shark morphs, because The Gardens does not have hammerhead sharks. While they are there, a guard see Ax in his Andalite form. He and the Animorphs are trapped, so Ax decides to use his tail blade to cut a hole in the plastic above them that holds up the acquariam tank. Water starts pouring in, and Marco frantically tries to find air, and in the process of this is able to land on a hammerhead shark and acquire it. This accident at Ocean World makes the news. Two guards and several fish were reported missing.


  • The Escape - Ocean World is introduced in this book and never mentioned again.

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