"The Pangabans were an interesting race well adapted to their unusual world. They lived beneath an eternally gray, clouded sky. They had never seen their own sun dearly, had no notion of stars or other planets. This was particularly ironic because their own planet was in fact a moon that orbited a much larger planet well suited to life. Had they been blessed with an occasional break in the clouds they might have become a very different race. It is hard to imagine that any species could have lived beneath the sky-filling arc of the main planet, with all its obvious lushness, and not become obsessed with a desire to learn space travel. But the Pangabans knew nothing of this, nothing at all of anything beyond their own damp and gloomy world. The Pangabans were six-legged, which is a common enough configuration. They carried their heads high above the slender, muscular body that was little more than a junction of the six long legs. They were skimmers. Their feet were large, webbed, and concave, which allowed them to walk on the water that covered most of the planet aside from a few soggy islands. They fed by lowering a sort of net from their body down into the water and trolling for microscopic plants and animals of which there was an abundance. They were intelligent. Not Ketran intelligent, perhaps, but self-aware. They knew who they were. Knew that they existed. Had a language. A culture, mostly involving amazing water dances, feeding rituals, and a religion that centered on belief in underwater spirits that either gave them food or withheld food. DNA analysis indicated a potential for development."

The Pangabans were a race of 6-legged beings with heads above the rest of their body; encountered in The Ellimist Chronicles. Their homeworld was really a moon, mostly containing oceans with bits of soggy islands here in there. The moon orbits are larger planet that is homeworld to the Gunja Wave. The planet is covered by clouds that do not allow sunlight in at all, so the Pangabans have never seen space. They were a tribal race, with no real inventions. Pangabans eat algea and other small creatures using net-like things inside their mouths. Their culture revolved around worshiping water spirits under the ocean that either give or take food away from them. They also played some sort of game where a group of Pangabans circle a single Pangaban. Pangabans ate algae by lowering a net-like thing from inside their mouth into the water. Pangabans were also able to communicate by gurgling. Since their homeworld was mostly ocean, Pangabans were able to walk on water, as well as be able to dance, fish and play games on it too. The Pangabans were featured in the Ketran Uninet game, Alien Civilizations.