The Pangabans are strange race of 6-legged beings with heads above the rest of their body; encountered in The Ellimist Chronicles. Their homeworld is really a moon, mostly containing oceans with bits of soggy islands here in there. The moon orbits are larger planet that is homeworld to the Gunja Wave. The planet is covered by clouds that do not allow sunlight in at all, so the Pangabans have never seen space. They are tribal race, with no real inventions. Pangabans eat algea and other small creatures using net-like things inside their mouths. Their culture revolves around worshiping Water Sprites under the ocean that either give or take food away from them. They also play some sort of game where a group of Pangabans circle a single Pangaban. Pangabans eat algea by lowering a net-like thing from inside their mouth into the water. Pangabans are able to communicate by gurgling. Since their homeworld is mostly ocean, Pangabans are able to walk on water, as well as be able to dance, fish and play games on it too. The Pangabans are featured in the Ketran Uninet game, Alien Civilizations.

A Game of Alien Civilizations with Ellimist and InidarEdit

Sometime in The Ellimist Chronicles, Ellimist (Toomin) and Inidar (Redfar) decided to play a game of Alien Civilizations.


  • Since the Pangabans are featured in the Alien Civilizations game, they might be a fictional race.