Biographical information
Gender Male
Born 1987
Affiliation Auxiliary Animorphs
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Ultimate
Last appearance The Ultimate

Pedro was a young man who spent much of his life on his back, roomed with James, was given the morphing capablity, but never officially became one of the Auxiliary Animorphs.


The Auxiliary AnimorphsEdit

Pedro is a young man who roomed with James for several years at the children's hospital. His exact disease is unknown, but it caused him to be completely paralyzed.

When the Animorphs began looking for new members, they first approached James. However, James agree to become an Auxiliary Animorphs with two conditions: one, that he'd have the final say on recruits and two, that Pedro be given the power to morph and a good morph to acquire.[1]

Pedro did not accompany the Auxiliary Animorphs during battle,[2] and it is unclear if or when he gained the morphing ability.


No morphs are ever specifically attributed to Pedro, but James wanted him to have a "good one".[1]

Morph Book Acquired
Pidgeon or Red-Tailed Hawk (Tobias) The Ultimate
Baboon or Hedgehog
Gorilla (Big Jim) or Rattlesnake or Wolf or Panther or Golden Eagle


  • James states that Pedro is fourteen, making Pedro one of the few characters to be given a definitive age.[1]


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