The Pemalite Homeworld is the homeworld of Pemalites, an advanced race of peaceful and friendly bipedal dog like beings.


The Pemalites were created by the Ellimist in a lab, thus the Pemalites are not truely native to the Pemalite homeworld. The Pemalites spread peace and love where ever they went, and took some interest in the Human race on planet Earth. At some point they created the Chee, advanced Androids that shared traits of nonviolence.

The Howlers Edit

The Pemalites and Chee lived together in peace until a hostile race known as the Howlers attacked, killing thousands Pemalites. With diplomacy falling on dead ears, the Pemalites and Chee made a mass Exodus toward planet Earth. The fate of the Pemalite Homeworld is unknown, though knowing Howler nature, it is likely nothing but wastelands now.


Little is known of the Pemalite homeworld, though the gravity is much higher than that of Earth's.


Wildlife and FloraEdit


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