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"I'll set the fuses and the timers. I'm an engineer. Explosives weren't my specialty back before this war but you learn what you have to."
―Peter to Captain Olston[src]

Peter is Marco's father and an engineer. Peter married Eva several years before she became the host to Visser One. After Visser One faked Eva's death on a boating accident. Believing that his wife was truly dead, Peter lived as a single parent for some time, but eventually started dating. Peter eventually married Nora Robbinette, not knowing Eva was still alive.



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Back to WorkEdit

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Matcom InvolvementEdit

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Marrying Nora RobbinetteEdit

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Andalite-Yeerk WarEdit

Discovering Z-SpaceEdit

"What are you calling your discovery?"
"I don't really know. What can you call something that is nothing at all? What could you call it? Zero, I suppose. Zero-space."
Nora Robbinette and Peter[src]

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Meeting the AnimorphsEdit

"Dad, of course you're my father. I love you. I respect you. But I've been fighting this war for a long time. I've been on more missions, in more fights, and seen more terrible things than you can imagine. This is my fight. My war. Me and my friends, we know what's going on. You don't."

When the Yeerks heard about Peter's development of Z-space transmissions, they did their best to infest him. It was because of this event that the Animorphs had to reveal themselves to him. The Chee helped stage both Marco and Peter's deaths, and they were relocated to the Hork-Bajir valley.[1]

Reunited with EvaEdit

"A waving hand caught my eye. Down the slope, near a group of Hork-Bajir flashing blades in welcome, was one smiling human. Dad. I didn't say anything. Neither did my mother. She just took off down the slope like a woman who hadn't seen her husband in months and months and months.... It was a movie cliche. It was lovers reunited. It was the dream I'd had ever since I knew my mother was alive. Dad opened his arms and she tumbled into them. They embraced. They held each other for a long, long time. Everything I'd worked for was right before my eyes."
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Not long after this, Peter was reunited with a free Eva. They both lived in the Hork-Bajir valley until the end of the war and aided the Animorphs on occasion.[2]


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  • On the Animorphs television series, Peter is named Jeremy. He is also named Jeremy on earlier promotional materials such as Marco's Animorphs ID card.



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