Marco morphing polar bear

The polar bear is a secondary battle morph for the Animorphs. All six of the Animorphs have the same polar bear DNA, acquired from a polar bear named Nanook.


The polar bear was first acquired in The Extreme. In that book, the Animorphs get lost in the Arctic. They come across Derek, a young, jocular Inuit, and his "buddy", Nanook the polar bear. Derek tells them about the people with the satellite dish, and how they're even worse than the American and Canadian elite who shoot wildlife from helicopters for the adrenaline rush. The Animorphs are presented with an opportunity to acquire Nanook's DNA, so they pin him down and acquire him.


This is used as secondary battle morph.  This morph isn't used very often, but it will pop up on occasion. This is the second bear morph; the first was Rachel's grizzly bear. This is a good combat morph. This is one of the few battle morphs to owned by all of the main six Animorphs. Later, in The Ultimate, Liam uses this as his battle morph. Some Controllers also used this as their battle morph. The human Controller who killed Rachel did so using a polar bear morph.

Books Used InEdit

Owners of the MorphEdit

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