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Price-Cut Polly
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Red-tailed Hawk



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Car dealership mascot (formerly; freed)

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The Encounter

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The Encounter


Killed by animals after Yeerk Dracon beams disintegrate one of her wings

"Then, there, way down below, on a branch... the hawk. The female I had freed from captivity. She was watching me. I could see her eyes follow me across the sky. In part, I knew, she was merely watching me for the simple reason that I was in her territory. Hawks are defensive about their territory. They don't want strangers coming and grabbing all the best prey. But I had the feeling that there was something more going on. She wanted me to join her. I don't know how I knew that, but I did. She wanted me-to fly down to her. Some people think hawks mate for just a season. Some people think they mate for life, and I don't really know which is true. One thing I knew for sure: I wasn't ready to settle down with anyone. Especially not a hawk. And yet there was this feeling in me. Like... like I belonged with her."

Price-Cut Polly was a red-tailed hawk whom Tobias developed a romantic interest in, due to his male hawk instinct to mate.


Price-Cut Polly is a red-tailed hawk that was kept as a mascot for a local car dealership, whom Tobias and Rachel freed from captivity. Tobias later feared that his feelings toward her were destroying the bit of human left in him. When the Animorphs attacked the Yeerks Truck ship in the mountains, she was nearby, as she had established a territory in the vicinity. Unfortunately, she was shot at by Dracon beam when the Yeerks believed she was a morph. The Dracon beam disintegrated her wing, causing her body to plummet to the ground, with Tobias remarking that she would never fly again. Tobias later tells Rachel that another animal, most likely a raccoon or a wolf, would have fed on her defenseless state.[1]


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