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Lewis Carpenter (son)
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Free Hork-Bajir

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The Resistance

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The Resistance


Killed during battle

"I've waited my entire life to make contact. My name is Richard Carpenter. What do you call yourselves? What system do you call home?"
"What system?"
"What solar system are you from? Are you with the Federation? Is your ship in orbit or on land?"
"Uh, we're from Earth, just like you."
"Ah, yes. I always knew you lived among us. I have friends who've seen your ships."
"We don't have any ships."
―Richard Carpenter, Jake and Tobias[src]

Richard Carpenter was a human male and a Star Trek fan who joined the Animorphs in their fight to protect the free Hork-Bajir, unable to grasp the seriousness of the conflict until the Yeerks arrived. Richard was told to hide but was subsequently killed during the crossfire.


"Get out of here, Richard. Get up behind those boulders. You'll be all right. Just stay out of the way."

A self-proclaimed "official Trekkie", Richard Carpenter and his two children Emily and Lewis enjoyed an annual camping trip with a number of other Star Trek fans. One of these camps was being held in the forest near the Hork-Bajir valley. When the Yeerks attacked the valley, having been led there by a captured free Hork-Bajir, Jake and Tobias of the Animorphs tried to make Richard and the other campers leave the area. However, Richard - believing the Animorphs to be aliens - instead volunteered to help defend the valley against the Yeerks.

Richard did not at first understand the true nature of the Yeerks' attack, believing the consequences of battle against Hork-Bajir to be less deadly than they inevitably were. Moments before the attack, he realised the level of danger that he and his children were in, and ordered them to leave the valley to protect themselves. Lewis and Emily would not abandon the free Hork-Bajir, and stayed to fight, while Richard took shelter away from the battle.

Sadly, Richard was unsuccessful in his attempt to protect himself, and was killed in the ensuing battle between the free Hork-Bajir and the Yeerks. It fell to Tobias and Cassie to inform Lewis and Emily of their father's death.[1]


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