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"Of course. You're one of the smart ones, aren't you? A seer. We never could entirely eradicate that one bundle of genes. We did our best, but still, from time to time, one of you will arise."
"Yes, I am a seer."
"You're a freak, is what you are. A dangerously unstable element. It was our one great failure: One in ten thousand Hork-Bajir is born with intelligence that rivals that of the Arn."
Quatzhinnikon and Dak Hamee[src]

A seer is a member of the Hork-Bajir race that is considerably more intelligent than their race. They are treated with respect and are honored even by the elders. They usually assume leadership over the rest of the Hork-Bajir. Seers are actually a genetic anomaly of sorts, as the Arn, who created the Hork-Bajir were not entirely able to fixate the Hork-Bajir intelligence gene at their preferred level.

Notable seersEdit