Seerow Hamee
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Dak Hamee(father)
Delf Hajool(genetic mother)
Jara Hamee(son)
Ket Halpak (daughter-in-law)
Toby Hamee (granddaughter)
Unnamed grandson
Seerow(grandfather; namesake)
Unnamed grandmother

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The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (mentioned)

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The Prophecy (mentioned/flashback)

"Dak Hamee and Aldrea daughter of Seerow live. Have child. Then die."
"The child was your father?"
"Yes. Dak and Aldrea have son. Son called Seerow. In honor of Seerow. Not Hork-Bajir name."
Jara Hamee and Tobias[src]

Seerow Hamee is the only child born to Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan and Dak Hamee. Seerow was born free on the Hork-Bajir Homeworld. Seerow Hamee is named in honor of his maternal grandfather, Prince Seerow.


"My son. What happened to the son I named after my father, Seerow?"
"They took him, Great-grandmother. Seerow became a Controller. He was brought to Earth as part of their army, here. He died in captivity."
Aldrea and Toby Hamee[src]

Two years after Seerow's birth, Aldrea and Dak's resistence was rooted out by Yeerks. Many, including Aldrea and Dak, were killed, but some, including Seerow, were captured and made Controllers. Seerow eventually fathered Jara Hamee, who was born into captivity, although during moments of freedom, Seerow passed down the tale of his parents to his son.[1] Seerow died in captivity, but Jara Hamee was one of the first Hork-Bajir to escape from the Yeerk Pool, and, with assistance from the Animorphs, founded the free Hork-Bajir valley.[2]


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