"A small fleet of Andalite ships had popped out of Zero-space, shockingly close to the Hork-Bajir world. They had annihilated two of our ships in orbit. That's what had happened to Sub-Visser Fifteen. He'd been in charge of orbital defense. Sub-Visser Fifteen would die for his incompetence after a few more days of suffering."
Esplin 9466[src]

Sub-Visser Fifteen is a rank in the Yeerk military hierarchy. During the Yeerk invasion of the Hork-Bajir homeworld, the Yeerk holding this rank was in charge of orbital defense.

When a small force of Andalite ships dropped out of Z-space, destroying two Yeerk ships, Sub-Visser Fifteen was executed for incompetence and cowardice. His death made way for Esplin 9466 to be promoted to Sub-Visser Twelve.[1]


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