"I heard the title and swelled with pleasure. I had been newly promoted. Up from Sub-Visser Seventeen, my first command rank. It was a jump of five places! Sub-Vissers Sixteen and Fourteen had been promoted. Sub-Visser Thirteen had been killed in battle against Hork-Bajir rebels. Sub-Visser Fifteen was being executed for incompetence and cowardice. [...] But I was in command. I was the twelfth highest-ranking sub-visser. Beyond that there were nine vissers. But every day there were promotions. Every day new sub-vissers and vissers were added. We were growing! These were amazing, heady days."
―Esplin 9466[src]

Sub-Visser Twelve is a rank in the Yeerk military hierarchy.

Esplin 9466 was promoted to this rank from Sub-Visser Seventeen. He was especially proud of this promotion, as it meant skipping five ranks, advancing him quickly up the Yeerk hierarchy. To achieve this feat, Sub-Vissers Thirteen through Sixteen were promoted, killed or executed.[1]


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