Taxxon Loyalists are Taxxons that have allied themselves with the Yeerk Empire.


When they Yeerks discovered the Taxxons, they learned that the Taxxons have a strange eating disorder, and are always starving because of it. The Yeerks exploited this weakness, bargaining with the Taxxons with exotic meats in exchange for becoming the Yeerks' slaves. Most Taxxons quickly agreed and became Taxxon Loyalists. Most Taxxon Loyalists were slaves, however decent numbers served the Yeerks without Yeerks controlling them. The Taxxon Loyalists often had clashes with Mountain Taxxons, Taxxons who still served The Living Hive. The fate of the Taxxon Loyalists is unknown at the end of the war, but is assumed they were forced back to the Taxxon Homeworld where they could do no more harm to the rest of the universe.


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