The Taxxon Homeworld is where the Taxxons came from.

When the Yeerk Empire first discovered the Taxxon homeworld, they decided, rather than conquering the planet, to make the Taxxons a simple deal: in exchange for the Taxxons agreeing to become Controllers, the Taxxons would get an endless supply of new, exotic meats. Nearly all the Taxxons readily agreed. A small resistance movement of Taxxons did not join the Yeerks and apparently fought a guerrilla war with them for many years. This war makes up a part of The Andalite Chronicles. Near the end of the series all of the Taxxons on Earth chose to become large snakes and live in the Amazon, free of their uncontrollable hunger. The Taxxons that compose the Resistance are controlled by a sentient colony known as The Living Hive, whom Arbron discovers in The Andalite Chronicles .

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