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Taylor is the human host to the Yeerk known as Sub-Visser Fifty-one, and Visser Three's first lieutenant on Earth.



Before she became Sub-Visser Fifty-one's host, the human Taylor was once the homecoming queen, tennis champion and president of the student body at her school. She described herself as a princess and the school as her court. But then there was a house fire, and she was trapped in it. She survived, but was crippled and horribly burned. With the loss of her beauty, she lost her popularity among her former friends and was shunned.

From her hospital bed Taylor was approached by members of The Sharing, who offered her the ability to regain what she had lost through their advanced technology if she joined them. Taylor took the deal and was granted her wish, but at an enormous cost: to relinquish control over her own body and betray Earth and humanity. Thus, she became the host body for Sub-Visser Fifty-one.[1]

Sub-Visser Fifty-oneEdit

Little is known about the life of the Yeerk holding the rank of Sub-Visser Fifty-one before she infested Taylor. She had one host before Taylor, a Hork-Bajir. She distinguished herself enough during this time to be promoted to sub-visser rank. Originally she was slated to infest Taylor's mother, the chief of police in that city, and infested Taylor only as a means to that end. But she became infatuated with Taylor's memories and her life before the accident. She wanted that life for herself. So she kept Taylor as her host and allowed a lesser Yeerk to take Taylor's mother. Her ruthless efficiency elevated her to become Visser Three's second-in-command in this part of space.[1]

Andalite-Yeerk War on EarthEdit

As Visser Three's first lieutenant, Taylor was Chapman's superior and oversaw the AMR Project. When Tobias was captured, Visser Three assigned her the task of interrogating him. To break the will of her captive bandit Taylor used a torture device similar in construction to the anti-morphing ray, a device possibly built by the same scientists. The device controlled emotion and physical sensation, allowing Taylor to induce extreme pain at the touch of a button. Tobias was able to resist this torture by using his red-tailed hawk instincts, allowing them to take over as a hawk could not be driven insane like a human. Realizing what Tobias was doing, Taylor used the device to induce pleasure, knowing that a bird could not know pleasure. Her brutal strategy worked, and Tobias broke, but was too weak for Taylor to hear his confession. The rest of the Animorphs soon arrived to rescue him and Taylor held her own before fleeing with Tobias, intending to finish him off and throw him into the Yeerk pool. During this time she witnessed Tobias morphing despite having passed the two-hour limit, but no longer cared about anything but killing him. Rachel saved him and intended to kill Taylor for what she had done, but Tobias stopped her, allowing Taylor to escape.[1]

The Animorphs believed Taylor would be executed by Visser Three for losing her prisoner, but against all odds, Taylor somehow survived. She convinced Visser Three to give her another chance and bided her time, waiting to act. When Tobias was injured saving a boy Taylor made her move, capturing him and bringing him back to a base of operations she'd chosen for that purpose: an old trailer parked by a junkyard, far from the city and the Yeerk pool. She used this base to create the ruse that she had been demoted and disgraced, and now wanted the help of the Andalite bandits to remove Visser Three from power. Her true target was the Yeerks of the peace faction, who all fed in the pool on Saturdays. She planned to use the bandits to strike a blow against the peace movement, killing two birds with one stone. When her plan went awry, Taylor opted instead to just destroy the bandits in a natural gas explosion, claiming that even if her own body would be destroyed in the blast she, the Yeerk within, would survive. She was last seen blown away by the gas laughing and her final fate is never revealed.[2]


  • Taylor is described as being 'a couple of years' older than Rachel.[1]
  • The true name of Sub-Visser Fifty-one is never revealed.
  • After the events of The Illusion Sub-Visser Fifty-one severed collaboration with her host.[2]

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