The Five
Species information
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Sentient; Extinct or near extinct;

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Extreme (mentioned)

Last appearance

The Extreme (mentioned)

The Five are a sentient species who hunted Venber to extinction. The Five in turn, were than likely wiped out by the Andalites after they found out what The Five were doing to them.


Little is known about the race known as The Five.

The Five was the race who originally discovered Venbea and it's natives, the Venber. They began to trap and export them, basically harvesting the Venber. Venber melt at temperatures above freezing, and the resulting liquid has many uses. The Five used the liquid to run their computers, which they did until the Venber became extinct.

The Five no longer exist, and no one knows for certain what happened to them. Ax seems implys that the Andalites either wiped them completly out, or they killed so many that they died out later. They might still be alive, but this seems unlikely from what Ax implied. All that is known is the Andalites took "care" of The Five, because of their callous attitude toward other sentient species such as the Venber.


  • Ax comments that no one knows exactly what "The Five" relates to, but he assumes it had meaning to them.
  • Rumors about who The One was included he was involved with The Five, or even is The Five, however these rumors have been proven untrue by the writer.



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