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The Invasion Game Full Set (High resolution Catalog Stock Image)

Animorphs: The Invasion Game is a board game made by Hasbro and Milton Bradley in 1998.

Official SummaryEdit

Join the animorphs - Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Marco and Tobias - as they fight off the deadly alien invaders. Head for the trouble spots, like the mall, the school and the beach. Choose the quickest path - land, air or sea. Then use a morph card to acquire an animal DNA and make the changes. Will you travel as an ant? An eagle? Or maybe a dolphin? Change again and again to your best advantage. At each danger zone, battle Yeerks, Hork-Bajir, Taxxons and maybe Visser III himself to collect a card. Once you have three cards, morph into an elephant and destroy the Kandrona ray generator to win.


  • Based on the hot books and TV series for kids.
  • Morph into different animals to complete 3 missions and destroy the alien power source.
  • 24 unique "lenticular" cards show the kids morphing into animals!

Board Game BoxEdit

Animorphs the invasion game box front cover top

The Invasion Game board game box (front)

Animorphs the invasion game box back cover bottom

board game box (back)

Animorphs the invasion game box side

The Invasion Game board game box side

Game BoardEdit

Invasion game gameboard full board complete final

Player CardsEdit

  • There are 48 total player cards
  • There are 3 each of the six different types of 'Make the Change' cards - three cards for each of the six morphs: tiger, elephant, ant, dolphin, bear, and eagle
  • There are 9 wild card 'Make the Change' cards which allow you to morph any of the six animals
  • There are 7 ‘Visser III moves’ cards, 2 ‘Ax doubles your roll on a move’ cards, 2 ‘Hork Bajir and Taxxon Attack!’ cards, 2 ‘Change back now’ cards, 6 Cyberia cards, and 2 ‘Ellimist cancels Visser III’ cards.

Legend Card and EGS Tower CardEdit


12 Mission CardsEdit

The Used Car Dealer
The Ocean
The Mall
The Beach
The Observatory
Chapman's House
The Lake
The Construction Site
The School
The City Hospital
The Gardens
The Woods

24 Morph CardsEdit

The invasion game all 6 animal morph cards

All six animals found on the morph cards: Ant, Tiger, Elephant, Dolphin, Bear, Eagle. There are four for each animal.

  • These are lenticular- from one angle you will see the human (either Jake, Rachel, Cassie, or Marco) and from another angle you see one of six animals (either tiger, elephant, ant, dolphin, bear, and eagle)
  • There are six morph cards for each Animorph, giving a total of 24
  • These are the cards that are on the front of the box
  • Rachel's cards are yellow, Jake's cards are green, Cassie's cards are blue, and Marco's cards are red
  • Morph cards in your morph card holder allow other players to see which animal you have become. When you want to switch to another animal form in order to follow another path or prepare for battle, you must play the appropriate "Make the Change" card while on a Morph space.

Instruction ManualEdit


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