The Jahar (named after Alloran-Semitur-Corrass's wife) was an Andalite spaceship that was featured in The Andalite Chronicles. It was designed by Alloran himself, and was furnished very luxuriously by Andalite standards. It is the main ship used in The Andalite Chronicles, and it is brought to the Taxxon homeworld in search of the Time Matrix, but a Yeerk transporter ship is used to get to the surface undetected. It has a unique array of weapons, and is stated to be more powerful than a regular Andalite fighter ship but much less powerful than a Yeerk Blade ship or Andalite Dome ship. It was eventually destroyed when it was sucked into a black hole after being drained entirely of power by a living asteroid.

Andalite Fleet
Dome ships StarSword | GalaxyTree | TailStrike | Elfangor
Cruiser class Intrepid
Andalite fighter Elfangor's fighter
Unknown class The Jahar | Ascalin

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