The Living Hive, also known as The Hive, Mother and Father of the Taxxons and the Light of the Taxxons is the Taxxon caste that gives birth to typical Taxxons.

Description and Role Edit

The Living Hive resembles are small red mountain with hollow tendrils all over it that push Taxxons here and there around the mountains. The Living Hive can also talk telepatically, which sounds loud inside one's head when "heard."

The Living Hive commanded the Taxxons, although their hunger could drive them away from The Hive if somebody could provide food for them.


The Living Hive had led the Taxxons since the existance of the Taxxons. However the Taxxon Hive was alarmed to see many Taxxons leave the hive to joined the Yeerk Empire. The Hive created an army of loyal Taxxons known as Mountains to resist the Yeerks, and they waged raids on the local Starports of the Taxxon Homeworld . However, The Hive did not understand Yeerk Technology until Arbon, who was stuck in Taxxon morph, told it them every thing he knew about the Yeerks. With this information, The Living Hive Ordered a massive assult on the largest Yeerk Starport on the Taxxon Homeworld, causing massive destruction to the Starport and to both sides. However the Yeerks managed to eventually crush the Taxxon Rebellion and possiblly destroyed The Living Hive.


  • The Living Hive speaks only one sentence during the entire series - <IS THIS THE CREATURE?> after noticing Elfangor.


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