The Reaction Episode

The Reaction

The Reaction is an episode of the TV show, an adaptation of the book of the same name.

  • Directors: Graeme Lynch
  • Writer: Carl Ellsworth
  • Aired: Nov. 6, 1998  


Official SummaryEdit

After Cassie and Rachel save a boy from a crocodile pit, Cassie begins to lose control of her morphing ability, the result of an allergic reaction to the crocodile DNA. Meanwhile, Cassie has been invited to the Larry and Linda Show where the famous star, Jason Jon McCole is also a guest talking about The Sharing. The Animorphs must find a way to stop Jason Jon McCole before millions of rabid female JJM fans decide to join The Sharing.

The Reaction Episode 2

A shot of Cassie in the episode.


Cassie develops an allergy to the crocodile DNA she has acquired and cannot control her morphing abilities. When she is invited to a popular television show featuring star Jason Jon McCole as a guest, the Animorphs must find a way to stop him from encouraging millions of fans to join The Sharing.

As Cassie turns around to talk to Ax she feels a massive amount of pain in her gut as she clenches against a wall.  She then moves to another wall feeling more pain as she falls to her knees clenching her chest in massive pain.  Her friends rush other to watch whats happening to her as she puts her hand on the floor.  Cassie's hand starts to shrink and get smaller as it morphs into a crocodile hand, the same goes for her other hand too.  Cassie now in a quadrople stance winces in more pain as she turns her head to the side and sees her back and clothes starting to turn crocodile as her arm grows scales.

Morphs UsedEdit

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Cockroach
Rachel None
Marco Llama
Cassie Crocodile
Tobias Red-tailed Hawk (nothlit)
Ax Human ("Max"), Cockroach

VHS ReleasesEdit

US ReleasesEdit

  • Part 2: Nowhere to Run ("Between Friends", "The Message" and "The Reaction")

Australia ReleasesEdit

Difference between the book and the TV episodeEdit

Aside the fact that Rachel was the one originally allergic to crocodile morph instead of Cassie in the book, there are also other difference between the book and TV episode:

  • In the book, the crocodile enclosure in The Gardens is described as having been built in form of large pit with larger crocodiles and the replicas of their habitats inside. In the episode, however, the crocodile enclosure's design is simpler; it only consist of wooden fences and a replica of crocodile habitat with some trees.
    • Also, crocodiles that appeared in the film appeared to be juveniles due to their size, obviously smaller than those featured in the books. This is mainly because larger crocodiles are more dangerous and difficult for TV crews and actors to handle.
    • The changes of the crocodile enclosures' design also caused the scene where Tyler entered the crocodile enclosure by climbing on its fences to be slightly altered: In the episode, he did not fall or have any other difficulties entering the crocodile enclosure.
      • In the episode, only Cassie and Rachel witness the boy, as opposed to them witnessing this alongside many visitors at the same time in the book. In the episode, there are fewer witnesses than in the book.
    • In the episode, both Rachel and Cassie enter the crocodile enclosure together in the same manner Tyler entered it, only to be surrounded by the crocodiles just as they took the boy away. In the book, Rachel enters the crocodile enclosure by herself after distracting the visitors and ends up injuring her arm.
    • Scene where Rachel acquiring the largest crocodile's DNA, her battle with the largest crocodile with her crocodile morph, and also carrying Tyler to the safe place whilst still in her crocodile morph, was replaced by Cassie simply subdued the largest crocodile by acquiring it's DNA, which later led to her allergic.
  • In the book, the first Animorph member who discovered Rachel's reaction to crocodile morph was Cassie, though not actually seen the morph allergic symptoms on Rachel until their mission near Jeremy Jason's yacht. In the episode, due to their position were switched and other changes in the episode plot, Rachel was the one whom learned Cassie's allergic on crocodile morph first and even witnessed it.
  • In the book, Rachel uncontrollably morphs either parts of an animal or different animals entirely. In the episode, Cassie morphs various parts of the crocodile she acquires and even dangerously fully morphs into a crocodile.
  • In the book, Animorphs theorized that due to Jeremy Jason McCole(name changed into Jason Jon McCole)'s popularity among the girls, Visser Three would use this to gain more Controllers through him entered The Sharing. The TV Episode reinforces this with Controller Tom gives Visser Three this idea whilst the Visser wondering what kind of benefits that humanity gained from television, in which the scene were absent in the book.
  • In the book, when Rachel "burping" crocodile from inside her, she inevitably morphs into a grizzly bear as the crocodile manifests on her back with Cassie, out of panic, morphs into a squirrel because they were inside a closet. Cassie and Rachel then make their attempts to escape whilst in their respective morphs and ended up scared a woman in process that led into chaos on the stage. In episode, when Cassie began to burp crocodile inside her, she quickly entered one of the closet with Rachel followed from behind, but not ended up morph into any animal as the crocodile manifests from her back (but the viewer only see the crocodile's tails as this happens). Cassie then quickly escaped from the toilet and warn Rachel about the crocodile and make their attempt to escape just as the crocodile began to chase them.
    • Because of this change, instead of the Animorphs trapped in the fight against the crocodile that Rachel released due to her Hereth illint which the fight accidentally brought into the stage, the fight scene in Tv Series replaced with Cassie and Rachel in their human form chased by Cassie's crocodile and both of them warned the clipboard woman, whom screamed upon seeing the crocodile and caused chaos which not as worse as in the book.
    • Other changes includes the Animorphs who, disguised as animals, witness JJM's Yeerk escaped from JJM's body, as opposed with only Rachel being the only witness in the book.
    • In the book, the Yeerk is squished by Rachel while in her grizzly bear form. In the TV series, the Yeerk is eaten by the crocodile just as Rachel and Cassie took his host to safety.
    • Unlike Jeremy Jason McCole whom began screaming hysterically once his Yeerk escaped from his body because he previously forced into a Controller, Jon Jason McCole not as hysterical as Jeremy Jason when his Yeerk escapes, implies that he may weakened by Visser Three when infested.
  • Ax uses cockroach morph when infiltrating the show in TV series, as opposed of fly morph in the book.
  • In the book, the name of the show where JJM would inspire his fans are Barry and Cindy Sue Show. In TV Series, the show's named changed into Larry and Linda Show.
    Animorphs reaction tv show larry and linda live

    The web site front page for Larry and Linda Live, the show where Cassie (in the TV series) will be interviewed.

  • Scene when Rachel nearly transformed into a bear in front of Mr. Chapman in his office replaced by Cassie nearly transformed into crocodile in front of Tom in the episode. Noticable similarities in the episode is the involuntary partial morphing occurs near controllers whom known by Rachel/Cassie and from their nervous due to near the said controllers.
  • Scene when Rachel’s morph allergic exposed in front of the other Animorphs and Visser Three during a mission in Jeremy Jason’s yacht are replaced by scene where Cassie involuntarily transformed into crocodile right in front of her friends twice in the middle of their meeting to scheming a plan to stop Jason McCole from inspiring his fans from entering The Sharing in their show.
  • In the book, Rachel resorts to lied to Cassie and her friends that she has already suffered Hereth Illint as means to go along with the rest of the Animorphs to stop Jason McCole. In the episode however, Cassie was initially hestitant to lie to her friends about her condition and when she phoned Rachel for alternative means to go along with the Animorphs in spite of her condition, Rachel mistaken her for already suffer the hereth illint in their conversazation and immediately hung up, much to her slight relief and chargin. She eventually succeed in lying when she met other Animorphs members.
  • Jeremy Jason McCole’s name changed into Jason Jon McCole, and he already became a Controller.
  • Location where Jason Jon McCole would performed his show to inspire his fans to join The Sharing was a studio building instead in hotel.

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