The Reunion is the thirtieth book in the Animorphs series, written by K.A. Applegate. It is narrated by Marco.

Official DescriptionEdit

Marco's mom is back. But she's not Visser One anymore. Marco's not even sure if she's still a Controller. But he's determined to find out. No matter what it takes. No matter what might happen. Marco wants his mom back.

Jake, the other Animorphs, and Ax realize that Marco is under some serious stress. And that the situation with his mom could very well jeopardize everything they've worked for. Now they also have to wonder if Marco will be the one to give away the secret of the Animorphs...

The Reunion Illustration

The first page illustration of The Reunion



Morphs acquired Morphs used
Jake -- Peregrine Falcon, Fly, Cockroach, Siberian Tiger
Rachel -- Cockroach, Bald Eagle, Hork-Bajir (Jara Hamee)
Cassie -- Cockroach, Osprey
Marco Human (Mr. Grant), Mountain Goat Fly, Human (Mr. Grant), Seagull, Cockroach, Silverback Gorilla, Osprey, Mountain Goat
Tobias Mountain Goat, Cockroach (some time between this book and the last) Cockroach, Mountain Goat, Hork-Bajir (Ket Halpak)
Ax Hork-Bajir (Jara Hamee) (Acquired a few weeks before the events of this book), Mountain Goat Northen Harrier, Cockroach, Mountain Goat
Visser Three -- Unnamed Chameleon-like Crab creature

Contribution to the Series Story ArcEdit

  • This book introduces the Emergency Kandrona Particle Generator, which is a small, one use Kandrona, for Yeerks on the run.


  • During the mall scene, Marco remains in his own, human body and yet is able to communicate to Jake via thought-speak.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Marco mentions the 1998 DreamWorks film Prince of Egypt when leading Visser One to what she believes is the Hork-Bajir colony. However, by doing so, he reveals that he is human and not an Andalite.


  • The front cover quote is, "Marco must make the ultimate sacrifice...".
  • The inside cover quote is, "A bug's life...."
  • The Scholastic School Market Edition of this book was half the thickness of the regular book, with no inside cover or raised text on the cover.
  • This was the 1st book to show Marco morphing into an insect, the others being Book 40 (Bee) and Book 45 (Ant).
Comparison of both watch animorphs on tv book logos

The earlier "Watch Animorphs on TV" logo used for books 21-24, and the redesigned logo used for books 30-54.

  • Marketing: The redesigned "Watch Animorphs on TV" logos started printing on the covers with this book, and continued to be placed on all the books until the end of the series (May 2001), even though the TV show ended only a few months later (October 1999) after the logos began.
  • Marco, here, breaks the Animorphs rule of acquiring sentient beings when he morphs a human named Mr. Grant, who is a middle-aged businessman. Interesting to note: Michael Grant, husband of Katherine, is also the co-author for Animorphs, though there is no relation of him to the character who briefly appeared in this book.
  • Anibase: Over the course of the series, the Animorphs have all changed in various ways. For instance, in this book Marco revealed his ability to see clearly from point A to point B, to focus on what needs to be done and how to do it -- even if it may mean killing someone he loves. Here's how Katherine Applegate summed up Marco's character development: "Marco developed over the life of the series from the reluctant warrior into the most ruthless of all the Animorphs."


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