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"The Yeerks have a front organization they call The Sharing. It's supposed to be like some kind of Boy Scouts or something, except that they take girls as well as boys, and adults as well as kids. Supposedly, it's this big family thing. You know: cookouts and rafting trips and everyone just one big, happy family. Except that the reality is The Sharing is run by the Yeerks. They use it to learn about human society. They use it to disguise their meetings. And they use it to recruit new members."

The Sharing is ostensibly a Boy Scouts-type organization for all ages and genders, but is actually a place where Yeerks acquire hosts. It was created by Visser One in the body of Lore David Altman and was run by Chapman during the series. Using propaganda techniques, the organization creates an environment that encourages thinking selflessly in an attempt to nurture voluntary hosts. After observing the development of a human member, they allow them a chance to be a "full member" which promises a life-changing experience. They give the human a speech about giving up a part of yourself to help others, and then infest them hoping they will accept it.