The Stranger is an episode of the TV show, an adaptation of the book of the same name.

  • Originally aired: November 24, 1998
  • Written By: Marc Scott Zicree
  • Directed By: Don McCutcheon


Official Summary

An omniscient alien, the Ellimist, pays a surprise visit to the Animorphs and shows them the probable future--complete Yeerk domination of the Earth. The Ellimist offers the Animorphs and their families refuge on another planet. Will the Animorphs abandon their battle to save the Earth in order to save themselves?

Morphs usedEdit

Morphable Character Morph
Jake None
Rachel Lion
Marco None
Cassie None
Tobias Red-tailed Hawk (Nothlit), Human form (temporary)
Ax Human

VHS ReleasesEdit

Australia ReleasesEdit

TV Episodes
Season 1 My Name is Jake | Underground | On the Run | Between Friends | The Message | The Escape | The Alien | The Reaction | The Stranger | The Forgotten | The Capture | The Leader | Tobias | Not My Problem | The Release | Face Off Parts 1 and 2
Season 2 Face Off Part 3 | My Name is Erek | Changes | The Front

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