The Ultimate was published in January 2001 and is the Fiftieth book Animorphs series. This is the final book to be exclusively narrated by Cassie.

Official SummaryEdit

Really big trouble is an understatement these days. The war between the Yeerks and the Animorphs is full on - and it's definitely going to get worse. But Cassie, the other Animorphs, and Ax have a lot more going on than just trying to stay alive. Now they've got to actively protect their families and the free Hork Bajir. And they no longer believe they can do it alone. The Yeerks are just too powerful.

So Cassie and the others have to ask themselves a very important question: Is it time to increase their numbers? They all remember too well what happened with David - the Animorph gone bad. But this time do they really have a choice?

Contributions to the Series' Story ArcEdit


Morpher Morphs acquired Morphs used
Jake -- Siberian Tiger, Peregrine Falcon,
Rachel -- Grizzly Bear, Bald Eagle
Tobias -- Human (Main)
Cassie -- Cockroach, Osprey, Fly, Great Horned Owl, Wolf
Marco -- Silverback Gorilla, Osprey, Cockroach
Ax -- Northern Harrier
Visser One -- Human, "squidlike creature"
James Pigeon, Lion Pigeon, Lion
Collette Pigeon, Crocodile Pigeon, Crocodile
Kelly Pigeon, Walrus, Bull Pigeon, Walrus, Bull
Timmy Pigeon, Bobcat Pigeon, Bobcat
Julio Red-tailed hawk, Grizzly Bear Red-tailed hawk, Grizzly Bear
Judy Red-tailed hawk, African Elephant Red-tailed hawk, African Elephant
Erica Red-tailed hawk, Lioness Red-tailed hawk, Lioness
Tricia Red-tailed hawk, Rhinoceros Red-tailed hawk, Rhinoceros
Craig Red-tailed hawk, Black Panther Red-tailed hawk, Black Panther
Jessie Red-tailed hawk, Wolf Red-tailed hawk, Wolf
Liam Red-tailed hawk, Polar Bear Red-tailed hawk, Polar Bear
Ray Red-tailed hawk, Leopard Red-tailed hawk, Leopard
Elena Human (Rachel) Human (Rachel)


  • The cover quote is, "Now there are no more secrets...."
  • The inside cover quote is, "No more lies...."
  • The UK edition was released as a combined book with #49 The Diversion.
  • ANIBASE: This book features physically disabled kids who end up becoming an adjunct team of Animorphs, and the author of this book was thrilled to have a chance to write about people who are usually ignored by the public and are vastly misunderstood. She has personal ties to people with disabilities and has been striving to find a way to make the lives of the handicapped better.
"People have no idea how heroic disabled people -- particularly disabled adults -- really are, " she says. "Isolation, segregation, and community disinterest are pretty much the norm for disabled adults. But I know this will change when, and if, enough people are made aware of the problems."


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