Truck ship from marco jigsaw puzzle

The Truck ship depicted in Marco's Animorphs Jigsaw Puzzles.

"It was huge. But the word huge doesn't really begin to describe it. Have you ever seen a picture of an oil tanker? Or maybe an aircraft carrier? That's what I mean by huge. Compared to this thing, the biggest jumbo jet ever built was a toy. It was shaped like a manta ray. [...] But mostly that ship was just big. Really big. As in, it blocked out the sun, it was so big."

The Truck Ship, as it is referred to by the Animorphs, is a massive manta-ray shaped Yeerk ship designed to suck water and air from a planet and carry it to a Yeerk Pool ship in orbit. During an invasion, the ship is almost always under cloak to avoid detection. In Book #3: The Encounter, the Animorphs destroy one, successfully hindering the Yeerk invasion. Truck Ships are just another stolen Andalite technology and are only slightly modified.

Discovery and DestructionEdit

While flying, Tobias sees a shimmer in the air. A day later, he notices a flock of geese fly into a seemingly invisible wall in the air. He later tells the Animorphs, and they conclude it is a Yeerk ship. They find it uncloak over a lake, which has been guarded by Hork-Bajir and human Controllers. The Yeerks plan to suck up water from the lake and bring it to the Yeerk Pool ship. The Animorphs (minus Tobias) plan to morph fish and get sucked up into the Truck ship, then remove its cloaking ability it over a city to show the public about the Yeerks. The first step works, and the fish-morphed Animorphs get sucked into a water tank. However, they are stuck, and the only way out is a grate at the top.

Marco wolf animorphs hasbro jigsaw puzzle

Marco in wolf morph next to a lake, with a Bug fighter and a Truck ship in the air.

Tobias is noticed, along with the female hawk he saw earlier. Visser Three, who is there, recognizes him as one of the "Andalite bandits" and orders Dracon beams fired at him. The Truck ship is also guarded by helicopters and Bug Fighters. Tobias makes it to the bridge of the Truck ship, but there are Taxxons coming at him. He then fires a Dracon beam at the ship's bridge, causing it to go out of control. It crashes into the helicopters and a Bug Fighter, then falls to the ground and is destroyed. A gash in the side of the ship caused by the crashing opened the water tank, allowing the Animorphs to morph birds and escape. Although they destroyed the Truck ship, the Yeerks managed to prevent any non-Controller humans from discovering what had happened.

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