The Unemites are race that the Ellimist "encounters" on the Father's Moon. These beings are a non-spacefaring race, being somewhat primitive. Unemites have faces and hair color that varies greatly from one another, either being green, yellow or red. The hair runs from their spiked back down to the floor. Their heads were either black, white or even purple in color. They have either 3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 arms and have two eyes on the front of their head and one on the back of their head. Unemites talk by making strange honking and hooting sounds from their mouth, though it is never translated into languagecthat anyone other than a Unemite can understand (except maybe the Father). The Unemites appear to enjoy playing music and invented their own instrument known as the the Adge. The Unemites also drink some sort of alcoholic drink as well. The Unemites "encountered" by the Ellimist were abductees of a Skrit Na raiding party on their homeworld. However the Skrit Na piloted their ship too close to Father's Moon and became a part of the Father along with the Unemite captives. The father used the Unemites in a game with the Ellimist. The current fate of the Unemites as a whole is unknown.