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Visser Three promo cartoon hasbro illustration eight headed creature
This creature has eight legs, eight arms ending in three-fingered claws, and eight heads, and spits fire from its heads. Visser Three morphs this during a battle at the Yeerk Pool in Book 1: The Invasion. He acquired the morph on the fourth moon of the second planet of a dying star. Visser Three, who usually doesn't repeat battle morphs, morphs this creatures only once more, during a battle in The Resistance.

Quoted DescriptionEdit

From Visser Three's Andalite body, the creature grew. Tall as a tree, towering over even Rachel. Eight massive legs. Eight long, spindly arms, each ending in a three-fingered claw. And from the place where the top set of arms grew came the heads.
Heads. Plural. Eight of them. This creature had a thing for the number eight.
Even the Hork-Bajir-Controllers backed away. Even they didn't want to be near Visser Three when he morphed this way.
[... ]
From one of the heads a round, spinning ball of flame erupted. A ball of flame that flew like a missile.

-Page 95, The Invasion

Visser One. In a morph I hadn't seen since all of this first began. Eight fire-breathing heads. Legs thick as trees. Serpentine necks. Eyes like gobs of molten lava. I staggered back.
Eight colossal legs, thick as trunks, stormed through the woods. The ground shook! Full- grown trees snapped like toothpicks. Eight horrific heads with simmering orange eyes belched balls of flame.

-pages 118 and 131, The Resistance

Animorphs: The Invasion Game and other gamesEdit

This creature is illustrated and used as a gamepiece to represent Visser Three. There is also a card with the same illustration.


Monster man deviant art monster with a thing for eight

Credit:Monster-Man-08 on deviantart.


Other AppearancesEdit

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