"There's something moving..."- Aguella. "Phosphorescence. That may be all you saw, Aguella: a school of eels."--Lackofa telling Aguella what she really saw.

"But Beautiful eels."--Toomin responding to Lackofa.

The Unnamed Phosphorescent Eels are species of eels created by the Father that reside in the ocean of his moon. The Father can apparently control them like other fishes he created. Nothing is known about except they are eels and have a yellow glow. These Phosporescences were enough to attract the attention of a Ketran refugee fleet in search for a new world similar to their homeworld of Ket. After the Ketran Explorer came down to the surface of the watery moon did they learn that these lights under the water were really schools of these eels. The Father likely uses these eels to lure unwary spaceship closer to Father's Moon in order to capture them and absorb them. After the Father was absorbed by the Ellimist, these beautiful eels all died off with the rest of the wildlife and flora of this small watery moon.