Rachel morphing one of the creatures crayak let her morph.

These are any of the morphs the Animorphs got but can't use.

Reasons for the Morph Being UnusableEdit


Jake morphing unusable morph, jaguar

The main reason, is because the character acquired the morph in a Sario Rip. A Sario Rip is a rift in the fabric of space-time, caused by a massive, precise explosion. It can send those in the vicinity of the explosion either forward or backwards through time. If you acquire a morph in the Sario Rip, you can never use that morph again.

Here are some other reasons why the Animorphs can't use some morphs:


Morphable character Morph

Spider Monkey (Male), Jaguar, War Horse, T-Rex, Parrot, Chameleon, Leeran

Rachel Spider Monkey (Male), Jaguar, Deinonychus, Parrot, Chameleon, Crocodile, Crayak's Monsters
Tobias Cat (Dude), Deinonychus
Cassie Spider Monkey (Male), Jaguar, T-Rex, Parrot, Chameleon, Leeran, Caterpillar/Butterfly
Marco Spider Monkey (Male), Jaguar, T-Rex, Parrot, Chameleon, LeeranGrizzly Bear
Ax Spider Monkey (Male), Jaguar, T-Rex, Parrot,Chameleon, Leeran
You Parrot, Chameleon
Visser 3


Books Used InEdit

Used in 8 books.

Owners of the MorphEdit

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