• Mike458

    Hi guys! I'm right now working on a Need For Madness Animorphs edtion! It isn't finished yet, and it won't be for a while. Right now, I have two Yeerk Pools finished, and am working on the construction site. Here's the details:

    Jake- Tornado Shark

    Marco- Kool Kat

    Cassie- Nimi

    Rachel- La Vita Crab

    Tobias- MAX Revenge

    (I am NOT including Ax as he will make the game "Broken".)

    All other cars are morphs with the exceptions:

    M A S H E E N- Taxxons

    EL KING- Hork Bajir

    Blade Ship (working on it)- Visser Three

    Sword of Justce- Human Controllers

    More cars will be added soon!

    As a substitute for the two hour time limit, I cut it down to only FIVE minutes. To morph, you'll need to drive through a fixing hoop with a car "statue" in front of it. The statue in front…

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