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Gray with blood-red and midnight-blue striping

Number of Limbs


Special Attributes

Sentient; Near extinct;
Non-carbon-based lifeforms

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Extreme

Last appearance

The Extreme

The Venber are a near extinct race of non-carbon-based lifeforms from a frozen moon called Venbea.



The Venber were a primitive race that lived on frozen moon called Venbea located several dozen light-years from Earth. Unlike other aliens, the Venber weren't carbon-based lifeforms, they were made of a substance that would be melted at room temperature. They're about eight-feet tall, humanoid, with heads shaped like a hammerhead shark with big, dark globs on each side for eyes, and flashes of blood-red and midnight-blue running along their flanks, shoulders, and converging in their faces. They have two thick upper arms growing out of their broad shoulders. The upper arms split at the elbows to make two forearms and they used two of their forearms, one right and one left, to propel themselves forward like ski poles on their ski-like feet. They're also able to use echolocation.


The Venber were one of the earliest evidence the Andalites obtained of life beyond their own planet toward the dawn of Andalite space travel. But they weren't discovered by them, they were discovered by another alien race called The Five. The Five discovered the Venber and began to trap and export them, basically harvesting the Venber. A Venber melts at temperatures above freezing, and the resulting liquid has many uses, like running the Five's computers, which they did until the Venber became extinct. The Five no longer exist, and no one knows for certain what happened to them, but the Andalites may have wiped them out, just like the Five did to the Venber.

The Yeerks had used Venber DNA from a few preserved specimens, and genetically-engineered them with human DNA to make vicious and adaptable hybrids to guard their Arctic Kandrona base. As a Yeerk would freeze to death inside a Venber's head, the Yeerks had microchips put into the head of the new Venbers, making them completely obey the Yeerks.[1]



  1. The Extreme

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