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The barn as featured in The Threat.

"A wildlife clinic definitely comes in handy when we need to acquire a new morph."

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, also known as the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, is the name of the barn of the farm where Cassie and her parents live at. One half of it is a regular barn with animals, but Cassie's dad, Walter, turned the half of the barn into a veterinary hospital with an office where wounded wild animals are taken in, given medical treatment, and then are released back into the wild. The Animorphs regularly used the barn as their primary meeting place.


Civil War Era

"You know this farm has been in my family since the Civil War?"
"Do I know that? Puh-leeze. I had Thanksgiving with your family last year, you may remember. Your great-grandmother gave me the complete history."
Cassie and Jake[src]

Converted to the Clinic

"I had arranged with everyone to hook up at Cassie's farm. It isn't exactly a normal farm, although it had been in the old days. And they do still have horses and a cow. But now the big red main barn is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. Cassie's father runs it. They take in any kind of injured animal except pet-type animals, There are always lots of birds, along with squirrels and deer and skunks and so on. Sometimes they get a bobcat or a fox or even a wolf."