The Secret Illustration

Cassie in wolf morph.

"One of Cassie's best fighting morphs is a wolf. The wolf has good speed. Great ripping abilities with the teeth. Terrific endurance. They can run all night."
Rachel to Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan[src]

The wolf is Cassie's preferred battle morph, and Marco's secondary battle morph.

Originally acquired in The Encounter for traveling purposes, Cassie first used it for combat during The Predator, as she had no other morphs capable to survive in combat. Unwilling to acquire her own unique battle morph, she relied on the wolf during most combat situations, preferring to rely on its agility and the fact that she was not as dangerous as her teammates in morph.

The wolf is also acquired by a handful of morph-capable Human-Controllers, who used it during a fight with the Animorphs during The Sacrifice.


"We had first acquired the wolf morphs a while back, when we were on a mission to destroy a Yeerk truck ship."

This is one of the few battle morphs not to be acquired in The Invasion. This morph was acquired for traveling purposes in The Encounter. The Animorphs get this morph because Tobias locates a Yeerk Truck ship using a cloaking device to hide itself and tells the others about it. The group morphs into wolves to follow the last known direction of the ship into the mountains. Jake morphs alpha male, while every one else morphs female, as there can only be one male in a pack.


Mm3 inner 2 final

Cassie using the wolf as her battle morph.

"Cassie? We may need you in some more dangerous morph. What have you got?"
"Perfect. But no howling."
Jake and Cassie[src]

While most of the Animorphs have this morph, Cassie mainly uses this morph. The wolf is her preferred battle morph. It is Cassie's most used morph. Marco also uses this as his secondary battle morph. In The Ultimate it is implied that at least one of the Auxiliary Animorphs acquired this morph.


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