Cassie to her battle morph, Wolf.

The wolf is Cassie's Battle Morph

Facts on the AnimalEdit

The gray wolf or grey wolf (Canis lupus) is a canid native to the wilderness and remote areas of North America, Eurasia, and North Africa. It is the largest member of its family, with males averaging 43–45 kg (95–99 lb), and females 36–38.5 kg (79–85 lb). It is similar in general appearance and proportions to a German shepherd, or sled dog, but has a larger head, narrower chest, longer legs, straighter tail and bigger paws. Its winter fur is long and bushy, and predominantly a mottled gray in colour, although nearly pure white, red, or brown to black also occur.

Within the genus Canis, the gray wolf represents a more specialised and progressive form than its smaller cousins (the coyote and golden jackal), as demonstrated by its morphological adaptations to hunting large prey, its more gregarious nature and its highly advanced expressive behavior.


This is one of the few battle morphs not to be acquired in The Invasion. This battle morph was added in The Encounter. The Animorphs get this morph because Tobias suspects the anomaly to be a Yeerk ship using a cloaking device to hide itself and tells the others about it. The group morphs into wolves to follow the last known direction of the ship into the mountains. Jake morphs alpha male, while every one else morphs female. Marco isn't very happy about it. In The Next Passage, You get a wolf morph.


While most of the Animorphs have this morph, Cassie mainly uses this morph. The wolf is her Battle Morph. The team will sometimes make fun of  Cassie's wolf because it is the weakest of all the battle morphs. She still likes this morph. It is Cassie's most used morph. Marco has been noted to use this morph on occasion. In The Ultimate it is made unclear if one of the Auxiliary Animorphs acquired this morph. In The Next Passage, If  You use wolf morph you die.

Books Used inEdit

Used 41 times.

Owners of the MorphEdit

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