When in Australia, Cassie stays with an Aboriginal boy around her own age named Yami. Yami takes her in, and in exchange Cassie helps his sick grandfather. Yami also becomes a sort of surrogate "boyfriend" for Cassie, although it is mostly Cassie's emotional need for someone strong to rely on that lets her "cheat" on Jake. Yami lives with the rest of his family in one of the hotter parts of the outback. He likes Witchetty Grub.  Yami also has a little puppy named Tjala, a brave little dog with an unhealthy tendency to chase after huge, dangerous kangaroos. Yami only appears in The Unexpected.  His fate after the war is unkown. That said, he probably survived after the war for two reasons. The first reason is because Yami lives in a remote part of Australia. The second and more important reason, Austrailia was never really attacked by the Yeerks. However, it is unkown if Cassie and Yami got back together after Jake and Cassie's breakup.

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