The Yeerk Homeworld is the homeworld of the Yeerks and the Gedds; it revolves around a sun that emits the Kandrona rays which keep the Yeerks alive. The planet is also orbited by a number of moons, only Madra is named. Natural pools are present on the surface, which absorb the Kandrona rays and in which the Yeerks live. The planet has a green sky streaked by constant electrical storms. The native species are the Gedds and the Yeerks.

Early in the Andalite-Yeerk war, the planet was occupied by Andalite warships in orbit.


Environment and WeatherEdit

The Yeerk Homeworld is muddy brown planet with little flora and wildlife. The planet is constantly being hit by Kandrona Rays coming from its single sun. The sky is a dark green, which has constant lighting storms.

Major Yeerk PoolsEdit

Places of InterestEdit

Sentient RacesEdit

Wildlife and FloraEdit

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